Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Focus Nigeria!

We’re back for our last day at Couture Fashion Week and we have had a great time!! The after parties have been amazing and just getting to see so many people that you don’t get to see until Fashion Week is really cool!!  I’m so pumped for today because we are going to see super talented Designers from Africa and just to see the fusion from there culture is going to make for a very HOT Show!!  Now what am going to wear today?  I have on another great outfit that Designer Yolanda Agnew+Fierce has designed and a lovely scarf from India, Hot Diamond earrings about 71/2 karats, Hot Vigoss Shoes, Silver BabyPhat Pocketbook!! 

We are kind of waiting to see all the people that are going to be coming to this opening show!  I wonder how many are going to be here today because it was a full-house yesterday! The show is going to begin shortly and noticing there are still seats avail, I think the guest must be following the 30-35 min rule of MBFW but, Couture Fashion Week has been running basically on time just maybe 3-5 min off (Fashionable Late).  Its time and we see this stately looking gentleman come onto the stage with his Guitar and he starts to play this beautiful Latin inspired song (makes me think of my dad playing) he is so good and just the tones of the guitar are swelling into the room!! Next singer Angeles Dominguez takes to the stage and she sings such a beautiful song and once again she looks breathtaking:

Its time for the runway show to begin for Focus Nigeria and the first Designers collection that we are going to see is Reedas and the logo comes up on the LCD screen and you can see that everyone is poised and ready!! Photographers are set to shoot the first look that steps out on the runway and BAM!! This amazing little golden dress comes down the runway and you see everyone just drinking it in!! I mean I cannot almost tell you how beautiful it is the fabric is like of a Damask and it has the most amazing little detailing along the hem line!! OMG!! We are about to be wowed out of our minds by this Designer because the next look is just as FIERCE!!  THAT IS EXACTLY IT FIERCE!!  I’m so excited from the first two look that I have GOT to let you see it!!

I know hold the phone, stop the presses, do what you have to because this Designer is taking the Grand Ballroom for an amazing ride and she isn’t providing any kind of seat belts!! The ruching and the details on the sleeves, are just beautiful and the color pallet that she is working with is KILLING this collection!! Iridescent fabrics and the shoes stop playing are straight BANANAS!!  Love the hair and makeup because, it celebrates the class, dignity and elegance of this collection very cohesive and moving.. The wheat colors remind you of the plains of Africa and the coloring of the mane of a lion!! I cannot get enough of this!!

I think you can tell I’m truly blown away and now its time for the next Designer to show!! Don’t change your seat, don’t move or even blink because you don’t want to miss any of this amazing, dynamic runway show!!

We will be right back with House of Jola!!

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