Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 7- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!!

Hello and Happy Hump day to all of our Fashionistas and Fashionistos! Up bright and early getting ready for another wonderful day filled with spectacular runway shows, celebrities, parties and much more!! My look for today is a little trendy and kind of Gossip Girl(ish).. Black Leggings by: Torrid, Leopard top by: (New comer)Sillk, Little black jacket by: Monique Lhullier, Shoes Patten Leather Playboy bunny heels, Black pocketbook GUESS, Sunglasses XOXO, Pearl and Ruby bracelet by: Alejandra In Design (, Earrings by J.LO, Watch GUESS!! Feeling my look today!! 

Okay so back to business, the schedule for today is very light we’re only covering 3 runway shows today:

10:00am- Michael Kors (Love him)

11:00am- Nanette Lepore (first time attending)

6:00pm Anne Sui (Love her)

Now that I have a cup of coffee in hand, we’re off to the Michael Kors show!! Something is really telling me I should have left much earlier than this.. Yup, I was right can you say pure pandemonium!! Between all the celebs, photographers jockeying to get the best shot (us included), all of those who are just trying to catch a glimpse or just like me trying to get to our seats its a real job.. I made it, makes you tired getting through the mayhem and foolishness (my best Nisei Nash impression).. Let me see who I see, oh wow this show is reading more like the whose-who!!  Michael Douglas, his beautiful wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rene Russo (they are sitting directly in front of me), Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Anna Wintour, Bette Midler, Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston and the Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Robbie Myers.. That is just the small list of A-Listers that are sitting front row!!

Wow, its really crazy in here they are trying to get people to take there seats and get off the runway but, its like the ushers cannot budge them.. Photographers are still trying to snap shots, people (Celebs) are mingling with each other, then the late comers who don’t know where they are going or belong.. Oh my now they have taken to the overhead and asking if now they will take there seats the show is going to start (not once but now twice)!!  Okay finally, the lights drop and nothing comes out, now the music and then the first look!!  I really like this its like a couple walking the runway in like a grey suit and looking very chic and sexy! 

Okay normally the models walk a “U” but, Michael Kors has them doing a “W” which is very different and the timing is fast, they are one right after the other!! Love this collection thus far!! I love that he has the guy’s incorporated into this show and there looks are strong and very masculine, the collection is monochromatic (tone on tone) not boring or flat as we did see from another Designer yesterday (not naming names).  I love the white pants suit and details that he has added to the neckline is really cleaver.  I think Michael Kors has been inspired by the contestants from the show “Project Runway”! Why? This is the most out of the box and very fashion forward line that I have seen from this Designer and I love that he is taking chance with the textures and adding the elements of leather, sparkle and the shoes are just to fall over for!! 

The coats are really nice for the guy’s he is offering a great pea-coat and trenches for male and female.  Love the chocolate browns, taupe, purples, grays its really just delicious in so many way that I feel I cannot do it justice!! Love the detailing on the gowns and the ruching it give a very different kind of dimension to the garment!

Michael Kors has deepened his perspective on fashion and has taken it to such another level!  We celebrate this line for everything that is truly is breathtaking, cohesive, spectacular, delicious and anything else we can say would just be BRAVO MR. KORS!!


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