Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Suzie Turner

Everyone is making there way back into the Grand Ballroom, for this Designers show and still so hyped after seeing Designer Jamil Khansa show you know we are ready for more!!  This show opens with singer Laura Janine and she sings her hit song “Gorgeous” it fits this venue and set so well but, now this is the 2nd time we have heard this particular song today and last year in September she debut this particular song.  I guess she thought 3rd time is the charm!

The lights dim and we see the designers logo and the excitement level is very high! Plus we have really heard some great things about this particular Designer during the break and I’m ready to see if it is all that we have heard.

The music starts and its hot kind of a Techno feeling to it and then the first look emerges onto the runway and its a very elegant and simple black pant suit but the details on the shoulder is what makes this pieces just exquisite!! The lines are very clean and strong but not masculine at all they have such an unspoken way of being sexy and soft.  I love this look and the up swept hair, very natural everyday kind of ready to wear makeup loving this approach.. Like at MBFW they are scaling back on a few things but bringing dynamics with the clothing!

I love the tuxedo pants for woman and that they are fitted just perfectly for a woman body, plus this collection has little details that make it very stunning and the leather and plaid lined dress is just gorgeous and very fresh not something you are seeing from any other Designers.  Suzie Turner is giving sparkle, sparkle that is just Fabulous and iridescent fabrics.  This collection is so cohesive that if I wanted to find a flaw with it I could not do it!  Some felt kind of vintage and then you could feel the Black Swan infusion with the detailing on the skirts and how they sat it was just breathtaking and extremely classy!

This collection really went full-circle and gave more excitement and the Damask fabrics and the Feather dresses where like to fall over for I mean in all honesty I’ve seen Designers use feathers but to really create a full dress out of feathers was just incredibly cleaver and dramatic and dynamic.. Then if you looked at the shoes that the Designer selected you just would want to run out on the runway and snatch them off the models feet!!

Only one word really can describe this collection and that word is “FABULOUS”!!!  Okay we are about to see the next Designer which is Nina Gleyzer!  Don’t go anywhere because we got a sneak peak of the stage setup and it is going to be GREAT!!

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