Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 1- Forth Runway Show of Our Schedule- Wayne Lee

I have to tell you this has really been a very busy day and the one thing that is running very true with the shows is, that they are all beginning late!  I guess its what we do in fashion we always say we are fashionably late but, this has gone way beyond that, our show was to start at 6pm and the lights are just deming at 6:38pm.

I think I have to say the wait was so worth it! Love the looks that Wayne Lee is producing for this season a little heavy and not much transition in the colors a lot of black and like a rich wine red color (kind of Vampy).. Loving the full-hoods that she is doing and OH MY Shut the Front Door!! This white outfit is to die for I think I just fell in love!

I know for most of you this may have a real heavy look to it with the makeup being very dark and the hair being slicked back but, you must say it has a really fluid simple and chic feeling to his line.  I think of it being kind of futuristic and out of the box and one thing that I did notice with many of the Designers this season, they are doing the black on black or just very stark in color being real safe.  I like what Wayne Lee is presenting to us and I would surely rock this collection!

Okay Fabulous Fashionistas and Fashionistos we have one more runway show for our day and it is none other than Christian Siriano winner of Project Runway! Love him!!  Don’t go anywhere you don’t want to miss what he is going to be showing!!


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