Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Kristin Zimmerman

Okay we’re back for the 6:00pm show and opening for this set is singer Kaya.  She comes out and looks very beautiful but, yet again we “think” we have caught another Lip Singer..  Anyway with all that being stated we would like to give you singer Kaya:

All and all if this young lady really sang her song she was great!  Its time for the show to start and everyone is poised and ready! Photographers are set to take that first shot of the first look, the music comes up and the designers’ logo appears on the LCD screen (which by the way is very cool):

The first look comes out on the runway and its this beautiful beaded white tulip dress that is just breathtaking!  The detailing is just wonderful and so feminine, the model looks stunning in this dress, because of her long torso and such a keen frame.  I’m all ready to be wowed with this designer and then something just so wrong happens, she sends out this male model in like a pair of satin knickers, knee shocks, sneakers and some sort of lace top.  I guess this would be a good time to give you the first two looks at this Designers collection:

I know elegant than a little odd, but hey its still very early in this collection.  One thing I did take notice of as we saw more of the collection come out on the runway was, that Kristin Zimmerman’s collection for 2011 just didn’t hit all the right marks.  There was pieces that truly where breathtaking and very amazing and then, there was pieces that fell short like the ill-fitting pants that looked as if the model had borrowed someone else’s pants added suspenders and tried to pull them off as Couture.  I have to say the collection wasn’t the most cohesive collections that we have seen thus far but, it was a great concept and the details in the collection where done very well and the pieces that where top of the list where done beautifully. 

This Designer is young and has so much to offer to the industry and I think that when we see her again, we may just get even a little bit more from her and the collection may have a true direction.  I’d like to give you Designer Kristin Zimmerman who presented her Fall 2011 Couture Fashion Week runway show:

Okay don’t go anywhere cause we are about to see Haya Al Houti (Lebanon) Designer! Stay close to the all the action you won’t want to miss any of this amazing Fashion Week and the Hottest Spot on the Internet has your full access!

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