Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Berrys Couture

Okay we are going right into the next Designer and there Logo appears on the LCD screen kind of plain but, I know with all that we have been seeing from these Designers from Nigeria isn’t going to be plain one bit!!

The first look hits the runway and it is this really cute little dress with like these great little button folds and the color is really cute as well.  The details on this garment is just breathtaking, innovative and very much so out of the box!!

I could really see this on one of our young and trendy starlets rocking this with a pair of killer shoes!! I love the details of this collection and the Designer isn’t missing one step from each piece having its own unique feeling, texture and look but all being in harmony with the last or next pieces.. You can see and feel the life of this collection and it is bring in new and fresh air into the fashion industry!! I love the colors in this collection and the lace is just beautiful and adds that little something to it, like the flirtation of being sexy but, not over opulent and then its the shoes hair and makeup that balance it all off!!  These Designers are telling us very loudly that we will take notice of Nigeria and Africa of being Fashion Forward and they are BRINGING IT, Front and Center!!

I love that even though she showed jumpsuits they where so different and very stylish due to the fabric selection and the detailing of the sleeves, then you have the sheer Herm pants that had the ever so cute plaid shorts under it was just saying hot!!  I love the pearls and beading just gave the collection the sparkle that we love!! This Designer has her finger on the pulse of Fashion!!

This was great!! I’m looking forward to seeing the last Designer closing out this part of the Focus Nigeria showcase!! Its the House of Farrah and I’m really ready to see what they are gong to to bring to the Grand Ballroom!! We will be right back!!

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