Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 6- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!!

Good morning Fabulous Ones, how is everyone?  We are just 3 days away from the end of Fashion Week and it seems so bitter sweet, but we have great news for you!! Once Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ends on Thursday, February 17th we are heading right into Couture Fashion Week Friday, February 18th at the Waldorf-Astoria!! We are giving you a full-fix of fashion!!  Today we have an early day because as we get closer to the close of Fashion Week we scale our schedule down so we don’t burn out before its all said and done.  Now the schedule for today is:

10:00am- Badgley Mischka (love them)

11:00am- Vera Wang (really love her bridal collection)

2:00pm- Herve Leger by Max Azria

Now I guess you maybe wondering what I’m going to be wearing today? I’m rocking the sweetest Little black dress by Torrid, black beaded earrings by J.Lo, Red GUESS pocketbook, Plaid shoes by Helena, fishnet stockings and DKNY sunglasses:

Time to get things going, off and running to the Tents at the Lincoln Center and its a little chilly this morning but, very nice!!  Got to the show at 10:20am great energy in the room everyone is buzzing and looking for there seats and photographers are jockeying for good positions.  On my way to my seat I happen to pass a very glamorous Kelly Pickler, I had to take a double take cause it didn’t look anything like her, and I just told her she looks fabulous she is such a sweet heart!!  Rumer Willis is here and now the fashionable Kelly Osbourne (she really changed her look) loving them so much!!

Yes it is show-time and I’m excited the music is awesome sounds like cymbals' clashing so hot, and then the first look emerges and it is even hotter!! Such great detailing along the shoulders and its gold (the music should have been from James Bond “Gold Finger” that would have been sick)!!   I feel so hype right about now and if I could yell, trust me I would.  That is how excited seeing magnificent clothing makes me feel, I just have to let you see this now cause your going to go nuts!!

As you can see the runway had this great golden illumination to it, due to the wet sun set street on the LCD screen!! Its breathtaking to me and so many around me!! As more of the collection comes out onto the runway you see they are bringing the elegance that we so love with there bridal gowns! They didn’t skimp on the details and the accents to the collection is just breathing life of its own!! They covered each element just so from the classic hair style (which we was so privileged to get a closer look at):

Nothing was missed by this dynamic duo!! The dresses and gowns have such a great line to them and just flow; they have sparkle to them like stars!! Wow, they are giving us fur (faux) to add just that other balanced element of pure gorgeousness!  They have such excellent transitions in each of the look that come onto the runway and the pewter dress is just killing me!! Badgley Mischka aren’t missing a single beat with this collection and I’m just thrilled to be bring it to you!

I told you its just heavenly and the gloves where just taking the look to another level and the splashes of color was just wonderful!! This is such an amazing collection that we had to go through a little over 95 photos to just pull what we thought would be great, and each look just got better and better and it became even harder for us to just give you these looks!

Because this collection was so large and just so lush, breathtaking and spell binding we are going to be placing more of all of the Designers collections from day 1 to day 8 on our Facebook page so, make sure you like LaPaz Image/Event Consultants so you can really see all of our wonderful photos from this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week F/W 2011.  I guess really the only thing I can do right now is to introduce you to the Dynamic Duo Badgley Mischka!

Day six has rocketed off to a great start and now I’m off to see what Vera Wang is going to offer us!! Don’t go anywhere we will be right back, think of this like our commercial break!


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