Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC - Sisa

I’m very excited to really see Sisa’s collection because she always brings something fiery and fresh!! Before her show I wanted to go backstage and wish her well and just to say hello and I have a special gift for my friend and such a fabulous Designer!

I thought she would love this beautiful Jewel toned Designer one of a kind Vintage scarf that I got from “The Vintage Scarf” ( I was pleased to see that she really liked it, and Sisa just looked beautiful in the colors!  She is such an amazing person and you feel her spirit each and every time she presents her collection!!  I didn’t want to take a sneak peak at the collection but, I do know that we are going to be wowed because she is bringing fire to the runway!! I want to give you all a few more shots from backstage before Sisa’s show begins!

Okay its time for the show to begin once again and the opening for this part of the show is done by none other than Lara Janine who really just gave us such an amazing performance in September 2010!  Lara again just hits us with her great performance and vocals and this time she even gave us a new song “Wicked” HOT its such a chart banger and she performed her other smash hit “Gorgeous,” and played her electric Violin and had a young lady singing and playing guitar with her!! Hot!!

Showtime!! Sisa’s logo comes up and the music is tribal with the Latin flare and the energy!!  The first look comes out and it is just perfection!! You can always feel the Brazilian influence in her clothing, because they have the feeling of passion, carnival and that zest for life, which is such a great and dynamic feeling.  I love the pallet that Sisa is working in the natural tones and the feathers, then she gave us the mysterious feeling with the black gowns that are detailed with sequins giving the sparkle!!  This collection has a beginning, middle and a real ending and I loved it!! Please let me not keep you waiting any longer to show you the HOTNESS of Sisa Designed by Simone Rodrigues!!

This was great and everyone is going crazy for the Designer as she comes out to take her bow and to give you the finale look at the collection!  She is such a great Designer and puts her heart and soul in her clothing just as so many of the Designers do!  You can see why all of these Designers are here at the Couture Fashion Week, because they are the best of the best and only Andres Aquino can pull such magnificent from each of them, and put it out on the one runway!! Purely amazing I’m happy to introduce you all to Sisa and the finale look of her collection!!

Okay Fabulous ones its time to move into our last show for Day 1 of Couture Fashion Week and its going to be from Designer Hadi Katra (Lebanon)! Don’t go anywhere we will be right back! 

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