Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 2- Second Runway Show of Our Schedule- Perry Ellis

Oh how I love a well dressed man!  I think a man who knows how to put his self together is just ever so sexy, so with this being said and how we at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward love our gentlemen we had to come and cover this show!!  You know I don’t even care that John Crocco Designer of Perry Ellis is running late cause it gives me a moment to look at the people that are filtering into the venue.. Love some of their looks and one gentlemen on the front row has a bag to die for!! I was so happy I could snap this shot with my phone! LOL!! That is why they don’t pay me to be a Photographer they pay me to write about the fashions I see..

Perry Ellis 4

I have to tell you it doesn’t matter if you have a bunch of guy’s that are coming down the runway looking sexy women tend to just act badly.. LOL!! I love how masculine the collection is that Perry Ellis is presenting this season I mean every look really celebrates the mans, man and he is bringing the sexy to this collections.. I mean just hot!!  I love the vest and plush turtlenecks with the jackets and adding such a great touch with the scarves! Ladies these sweaters I can see you trying to steal them out of your boyfriends, husbands or whomever you now that is male and is rocking this look!  Perry Ellis is offering the guys great leather jackets, weekend looks, cardigans and so much more! I have to let you see what I’m ready to start screaming BRAVO over:

Oh and one more great thing that Perry Ellis does is when he closes his show out the boys come out and they all was rocking there long johns and the Perry Ellis lovely shirts! I love this part of the show are you ready! We give you the boys and Mr. Perry Ellis himself John Crocco Fabulous FW 2011 Collection!!

I have to tell you I love my job and seeing collections like this makes me love it even more! Stay close to all the action, Be apart of the Hottest Spot on the Internet!


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