Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inspired Jewelry for Your Soul!

Many times in our business we meet individuals, see so many products, test different things but then you meet a person who has something so unique and different that it takes you a moment to simulate exactly what they are accomplishing and doing.  This is exactly the case with ChariT’s Inspirational Creations! The moment that we started speaking with Jewelry Designer Chari Twitty Dream%20Believe%20Create[1] we could feel the energy of this creative soul.  In 2010, Chari decided to launch her business and give it her full-attention, support and creative ideas to her line.  She wanted people to feel the meaning and energy of positivity with each of her pieces and then something wonderful happened in her life! She gave birth to twins, Chari finds it very inspiring to look at her babies (now 1years old), and seeing the joy that is bubbling from them it makes her feel good, as well as what motivates her to create original energetic pieces.  Chari stated, once you have and do something so amazing like giving birth to twins, you kind of find that purpose in life, which makes it clear when you bring forth creations in such a large way.  I make jewelry to bring attention to nature, music, and spiritual awareness, the fight for the cure and just something that makes you feel good when you wear them. I think my jewelry brings a smile to your face even to those that admire it on you.  I’m a natural kind of essence and the beads that I select are bright in color and eye catching, the different little charms I may use can have inspirational meaning or just the simple charm of a tree giving awareness to Gods' creations.  We asked Chari, which of her pieces from the collection is one of her favorites? (Giving it a little thought) “Well being that I have natural hair, I have one piece that has a charm of a comb and it’s something that I enjoy and others have found delight in it as well.” What do you feel your jewelry evokes?   I feel like my jewelry is kind of like a free spirit and flows into everyone’s life style, it’s simplistic but, speaks to a persons creativity and has somewhat of its own style.  I can see people of all types wearing my collection and identifying with the meaning of my collection, it’s not just one dimensional. 

My thoughts and ideas behind everything is, I wanted people to feel good and to know that there is a company moving forward in a positive manner and giving attention to more than the same old thing and “bling”.  I want individuals to feel like they are making a difference, be it ever so small but, we’re here for those who want to be inspired or be inspiring to others in their daily lives.  ChariT’s Inspirational Jewelry is just that; inspiring and for this young Mother of two she is making a wonderful difference in this industry, she isn’t afraid to be different or not walk in the same direction as many that are out in front!!  Chari, has a lovely Esty shop located at www.chariT.esty.com where you can find and review her full-collection, she is also located on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ChariTsinspirationalcreations

In her giving spirit, she would like to offer to Lapazimageing Fashion Forwards readers a chance to win a pair of her earrings!! They are inspired for “The Queen In You”! This particular pair of earrings has cute little silver crown charms dangling off soft purple beads!


Random 037

You can win these lovely earrings by liking our facebook page, joining us here via Google Friends Connect!! The winner will be randomly selected on Sunday, June 19th and announced on Monday, June 20th.  The winner will only have 24 hrs to e-mail promoservices4_lapazimageing@yahoo.com to claim their prize!! Please make sure you check our site(s) for the announcement!!


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Perfect Partnerships!!

Tali logo Tali's Creations Jewelry, has signed on with LaPaz Image/Event Consultants!!  This Fabulous Jewelry Designer has been in business since 2007, her collections come from different elements.  Tali's Creations are just that created with a feeling of elegance, beauty and splendor!!

Blue and Teal

Tali works with Semi-precious Natural Stones, Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, Hand-blown Glass Beads and other high quality beads.  All of the wires and metal beads that are used in their creations are either 14K gold filled or sterling silver.  They do not use any base metals or alloys in their designs, which means they are nickel, pewter, copper, gold plate, silver plate free (Hypo-Allergenic)!!

Crystal Earrings1

Tali’s Creations has a beautiful bridal collection so if your getting married or you want to give your bride-to-be or maybe your mother piece that speaks on it own then you’ll love these:


Tali's Creations Jewelry is for any and everyone just as their slogan states "Make a Statement Without Saying a Word!" We think all of you are going to fall in love with the collection as much as we did here at LaPaz Image/Event Consultants!!  Establishing Tali's Creations Jewelry as one of our vendors, we are able to give all of our clients, contacts and followers and exclusive offer via LaPaz Image/Event Consultants!!  

Tali's Creations Jewelry has agreed to give our clients, associates, readers and contacts a 15% discount with our special code.  To receive this code you must e-mail promoservices4_lapazimageing@yahoo.com I know we feel your excitement!!

Please welcome new family Member "Tali's Creations Jewelry"!! To see the full-collection please visit http://www.TALICREATIONS.ARTFIRE.com/

Bonus shots of Jewelry:

pearl and pink bracelet Breast Cancer necklace

Jewelry for the Cure

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Billboard Awards 2011 Recap!

Okay you had to be under a rock or on another planet if you didn’t hear about the 2011 Billboard Awards! I was waiting to see what our favorite artist would be wearing and of coarse they didn’t miss a beat!! We really saw some highs, lows and then not so sure what it was.. The stars came to Vegas in a major way and I have to tell you our top pick of the evening had to be Rihanna, rocking and all white pant suit by Max Azria just so Fashion Forward and Fabulous!


From Rihanna’s red-hair to the shoes this was screaming high fashion!! RiRi didn’t disappoint in anyway what-so-ever!! Then there was Mary J. Blige who also gave us some high fashion for this years Billboard Awards.  She looked really great in a Marc Bouwer gown I have to say I like this gown but, in some ways I felt like it was a little to heavy for this time of year and this event, but all and all I thought she looked stunning. 

mary-j-blige-Marc-BouwerThen there was Ke$ha, I don’t know its like she almost gets it right then she steps so far to the left. We really love her and her music is just great something you can put in your car or on the IPod and just jam to.  I don’t know if we were so much feeling this look or not but it was better than her Trash Can Chic look that she normally rocks, the gown kind of cut her in the wrong places and even made her look a little out of shape.  OH!! Stop for just a second tell us, this did you all hear that she and T-Pain are seeing each other? We are all over this one to see if it is true or not, if you know anything let us know.

Ke$haThen Lady B- hit the red carpet wearing a Lanvin dress, she looked very nice, key word is nice it was a little understated for this Billboard Icon but, we liked the look.  One thing that always sticks out in our mind is, Beyonce has her own label but we never see her make any appearances wearing anything from her line. Hmmmm?

Singer Beyonce poses in the press room at the 2011 Billboard MusBeyonce, never fails though when it comes to her performances!!  You might have been on the fence with regards to her new song “Girls (Who Run this World)” but, after her high-energy, hair throwing military of woman hit the stage, We think she just smashed it and the outfit was another hit in this performance.  We loved all of the graphics and the illusions that she used, that’s right Beyonce let everyone know she is still “Running this Thing”:

Beyonce PerformanceThen Nicki Manaj hit the red carpet in a pale blue and silver jumpsuit and her pink hair.  There is something about this young lady that keeps you interested, we cannot say that she is a fashionista but this time out the box she really looked good and we loved the jumpsuit she was rocking: 

112784580PB087_2011_BillboaWow did anyone see Kelly Rowland former member of Destiny’s Child?  OMG!! She really looked HOT, in her Herve Leger by Max Azria.  Kelly was sporting a more grown and sexy look and her curves where just flawless.  Ms. Rowland really has changed her look since becoming friends with Kim K. and Lala we love the look Kelly very sexy!! 

Kelly Rowland

Now, the next few ladies we had kind of mixed emotions about their looks.  It ranged from not such a flattering silhouette, to playing little Ms. Grown up and we know retro is everything this season but may be not like this. 

First look is Fergie, we normally love what she rocks but, this time around even though its by our favorite Designer Herve Leger, Max Azria we didn’t like the silhouette of this dress on her, we also felt like it made her look like she had no neck or maybe a neck brace:

112784580PB035_2011_Billboa Next up on our list is Selena Gomez, as we stated we thought the gown was beautiful but, on Selena, it seemed just a little bit beyond her and that she was playing dress up.  Your dating the Justin and he is only 17 years old and just turning 17, so for us this wasn’t a look that we would have loved to see you rocking. We give the gown 2 thumbs up but not on you:

112784580JF063_2011_BillboaLastly, is Kari Hilson, we know retro is the great feeling of the season but, its funny we almost didn’t recognize Ms. Kari Baby!! We loved the Canary yellow on her but it was all kind of tone on tone for us, from the blond hair and blah makeup this isn’t a good look.  Another little thing we noticed, we think Kelly Rowland and Kari are rocking the same shoes.. Hmmm! Who’s outfit did they look better with?:112784580PB080_2011_Billboa  

This was our look at the 2011 Billboard Awards Red Carpet, we hope you enjoyed the show and the fashions as much as we did, and we look forward to bringing you more great coverage!! Cannot wait to hear what you all thought and get your feedback!!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hats Are Trending This Season!!

With the Royal Wedding and the Hot trend of just rocking a great hat, is this seasons must have accessory.  We thought we would give you a few tips on how to wear hats and some etiquette tips regarding when you should or shouldn’t remove your hat (ladies).  The custom of wearing hats came about in the 1940’s where ladies wouldn’t leave their homes without a hat on.  Then it came to a point where ladies would only wear a hat if they didn’t have there hair done or had been sick and lost their hair.  Now they are all about FASHION!! Everyone who wasn’t familiar with the Fascinators really got to see how beautiful they are when all the ladies donned Philip Tracey’s wonderful designer hats.

Then of course you know that you must have a Fabulous hat for the Kentucky Derby, the hats are large and make statements and most women don’t realize where that came from it started in Jolly Ole England, at the Ascot Racecourse in England, a link soon developed between high fashion and horse racing and in turn some 100 years ago the Kentucky Derby adopted the tradition and some ladies started wearing there “Lucky” hats to help in the odds of the race.

Which now leads us to this “The secrets of choosing the right hat, wearing it correctly and with confidence.” As Editor-in-Chief, I tend to rock a lot of different little looks and the hat has been one of my favorites ever since I could remember.  I would watch my grandmother getting ready for social affairs and she would put her hat and gloves on, and I would always say to her, “when I grew up I was going to be her.”  Needless to say my staff will tell you I will rock a Fascinator or a hat in a heart beat!! These little tips that we’ve come up with we think will help you to wear hats without looking or feeling ridiculous or out of place:

Tips to Remember when Selecting Your Hats:

1. Select a hat that fits your face and complements your skin-tone (another good reason to get a color-analysis). Remember if you have a long face you shouldn’t wear a hat with a lot of height. If you have a round face you will look better in a hat that has height it will slim your face some.  Always make sure you wear a hat that enhances your face because it will draw attention right to your face!! If you are olive complexion you will look good in browns and natural toned hats that will bring out the red undertones in your skin.

2. Changing your hair style, is really key for your hat or fascinator to sit correctly on your head.  For most hats its best to pull your hair back neatly in a loose ponytail or swept back softly off your shoulders.  Fascinators look great with up swept hair styles or simple curls framing one side of the face.  DO NOT style your hair around the hat that is the biggest no-no of them all. 

3. Size matters, please wear the right size hat for your head.  Your hat shouldn’t come down over your ears or fall off each time you put your head down or even tilt your head.  Make sure its not to tight then you may end up with a headache or that horrid red line across your forehead when you take the hat off. Your hat should be comfortable and almost like you don’t even know its there, it shouldn’t cause you to fuss with it and if it does then you this isn’t the hat for you.  You have to try on many until you find the right shape, size, color and look!

4. Sun hats should be worn on the back of the head, fedoras should be worn down over the eyebrows, Fascinators should be worn on the side or the front of the head depending on the style of the fascinator.  Remember that when you try on your hat try it on at different angles to see which looks best on you it may just need that little tilt to have it sit just so and look amazing on you.

5. Please, Please, Please match your hats to your clothing!! Do not come out looking like the circus just hit your head.  A fedora should never be paired up with a sundress this is just simply wrong and sunhats should not be worn during the winter months it has not correlation to anything except that you are a newbie at wearing hats.

6. Choosing the right hat for the occasion, if you are going to the theater or a dinner party make sure you select the proper hat for the occasion.  Do not wear a sunhat or a large hat that sits high on your head for the theater it will obstruct the view of those sitting behind you and they will most likely not say anything but, you will be the talk in a negative manner instead of being talked about in a fabulous manner for a great hat.  Something small and tasteful will fit this occasion best.

Those where are tips for you in selecting the perfect hat, now we want to move onto a few etiquette points for you to take with you:

Hat Etiquette Tips to Remember:

1. Ladies- Hats are a fashion accessories and are apart of your ensembles so ladies you ARE NOT required to remove your hats when going indoors. Gentlemen- This isn’t the case for you and you should remove your hat promptly when coming indoors at any affair.

2. Ladies- Dinning out at a restaurant you may keep your hat on in the restaurant and while dinning at the table. Gentlemen- Please remove your hat never sit at the table with you hat on be it a fedora or a baseball cap because this is poor etiquette and just rude.

3. Ladies- Removal of your hat during the National Anthem, its not required if you have a fashionable hat on such as a Fascinator but if you have a baseball cap on you should remove your hat. Gentlemen- Again you will remove your hat so as to show respect and class.

4. Ladies- If you choose to remove your hat at any time that is just fine but, never place it on the table or on the floor. Gentlemen- Once you have removed your hat please never place it on the floor or the table, when seated it can rest on you knee or check your hat as you come in.

5. Ladies/Gentlemen- At work you must remove your hats, no matter what the style.

Now that we have armed you with great tips and etiquette pointers, we think you are ready to go out and start looking for your hat!!


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Article by: Sonya LaRae- Editor-in-Chief

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