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Out with the Old in with the New


Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Article by: Dian Blackwood- Jr. Fashion/Style Journalist for Lapazimageing Fashion Forward

Photos: Burberry and

LaPazions, Burberry once again has decided to strike gold with a stunning partnering of one iconic model and a new model to do a fabulous ad campaign (brilliant). First we know the label pared iconic model Kate Moss with new hot model Cara Delevingne for the new fragrance introduced this season. We loved; how the two (Kate and Cara) looked almost as if to be carbon copies of each other or maybe sisters in the ads almost making it seem as if they’ve known each other for a life time, was truly to cleaver for the brand and label:Fragrance adKate Moss and Cara DelevingneWell since magic happened the first time around why not strike while the irons are still hot once again, but, this time around use fabulous iconic model Naomi Campbell who is 44 years old with another gorgeous new hot model Jourdan Dunn, who is only 24 years old. I have to tell you the campaign is beautiful the ladies looked as if they really vibe together and they also look like siblings or mom and daughter if I’m so bold to venture to say:Dunn and CampbellJourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell

This is the new Spring 2015 campaign ads and I love the bright colors and the play on patterns is just gorgeous. The ladies are giving elegance and just bringing a great feeling to this timeless brand. We see what you’re doing Burberry and we applaud you for this great idea and cannot wait to see your next pairing!!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

British Fashion Awards Red Carpet Review 2014:

British Fashion Awards logo

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Article by: Erin Cortez-Sr. Style/Fashion Journalist-Certified Image Consultants

Photos provided by: Josh Groveland of Lapazimageing Paris

Good Evening Fabulous LaPazions, another amazing red carpet review is being brought to you via the 2014 British Fashion Awards, that was held at The London Coliseum on Monday, December 1st. I have to tell you this event was for the whose-who of the top Designers, Models and Editors. I have to tell you the stars were shining brighter than ever for this event and it was too wonderful to see none other then the John Galliano who presented his friend and support Anna Wintour with the top award of the evening:John GallianoI have to tell you I loved Naomi Campbell’s Alexander McQueen gown she looked too fabulous for words, this is a woman how is so fashion forward and being in this industry for as long as she has; she knows how to knock a look out the box:Naomi Campbell in Alexander McQueenPause just a moment- I don’t know what this is that Emma Watson put together but, I have to say the jacket looks too big and just doesn’t compliment her particular body type. I felt as if she was playing little miss dress up in this gorgeous Misha Nonoo Jumpsuit which is fabulous-the neckline is to die for it plunges and takes no prisoners- Honestly she could have left the jacket in the car and just finished her look with that beautiful Anya Hidmarch clutch:Emma Watson in Misha NonooWow! Rihanna just knows she is a mega star and just can rock something in a way that no one else could. Seriously RiRi you look too beautiful for words I love the simplicity of her hair and makeup. Rihanna wore a Stella McCartney Jacket and diamonds honey and she just looked HOTTT!Rihanna in Stella McCartneyThe big winner of the night was Victoria Beckham and of course she wore something from her own label and looked POSH- She is just known for her sallow look but, I thought with being nominated and winning such awards we may get a smile-NOT:Victoria Beckham in VBWait is that who I think it is? Yes it’s Kendall Jenner looking rather fabulous in Emilio Pucci jumpsuit and Christian Louboutin shoes:Kendall Jenner in Emilio PucciThis is a really shocker for me I didn’t even recognize this singer when she came onto the red carpet. Its none other then Lilly Allen. To be honest with you all Lilly Allen is much like Kesha they’ve had a kind of style rebirth and its really working:Lilly AllenI love this next Designer because, she’s taken over for the incredible and talented Alexander McQueen, its none other than Sarah Burton. Sarah has kept true to his vision and brand and as you all know she’s had an amazing time dressing the Duchess Kate Middleton to countless others. I cannot say that I really cared for Sarah’s selection for this red carpet but, I guess it’s what makes her creativity pop:Sarah BurtonAnna Wintour graced the red carpet in a Maison Martin Margiela by her friend and presenter John Galliano and it wasn’t anything different from what we see on Ms. Wintour-I’ll say it you need a makeover:Anna Wintour in John GallianoI hate to say this but, Buster Brown is calling for his look back please! To my great surprise one of the iconic top supermodels just fell short in her red carpet look and I’m speaking of Twiggy. Don’t throw your shoes at me until you see what she had the nerve to wear to this star studded event, I wanted to toss my keys to her and ask her to valet my car:TwiggyDo they look good or do they look good? I’m speaking of Designer Tom Ford and Rita Ora. This is another great look for Rita coming off of her AMA yellow Zack Posen gown she is doing it right:Tom Ford and Rita Ora in Tom FordI haven’t seen singer Nicole Scherzinger in a minute but, she looked fabulous in her Julien Macdonald gown along side her stunning boyfriend Lewis Hamilton:Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger in Julien MacdonaldI’m a huge fan of this singer-I personally feel hands down that she has the greatest sense of style Ellie Goulding. Ellie wore a Roland Mouret gown that just hugged her body flawlessly and she just looked confident and amazing:Ellie Goulding in Roland MouretStop for a moment- I love Burberry but, I couldn’t say I loved Burberry on Suki Waterhouse. I thought the dress looked a little underwhelming on her and it just didn’t add anything to her complexion nor her body:Suki Waterhouse in BurberryI have another red carpet shocker to bring to you all. It’s the singer Kylie Minogue. She looks amazing, stunning and breathtaking!! I mean this is a woman that has to be in her mid-to late 40’s but, she is keeping it tight and absolutely right. I must find this fountain of youth that these stars are bathing in:Kylie MinogueThe clouds just parted and I heard singing because it’s Manolo Blahnik on the red carpet. I just wanted to run over if I wasn’t in fear of being tackled and carted off to jail for kissing this mans’ feet:Manolo Blahnik LaPazions, this was another stunning red carpet event and we’re so excited to be able to bring you our review. To see more of our coverage from all the festivities of the night please join and be apart of our exclusive Facebook family that is located at:

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2014-AMA Red Carpet Review

LogoEditor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Article by: Erin Cortez- Certified Image Consultant & Fashion/Style Reporter

LaPazions, so as you all are well aware the stars came out in a big way to rock the AMA’s (American Music Awards). Needless to say the carpet was void of any of our heavy hitters like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and several others!

I want to move right into our first look which was Jennifer Lopez, she rocked a Champaign  colored dress by Reem Acra:Jennifer LopezJennifer just knows what works with her particular body-type. I love how she isn’t afraid to show her curves and to just be the celeb we expect her to be. Now let’s not get on her performance with Iggy, I have to say we don’t know if she thought she had to get turnt up because of Jessie J or, that maybe she felt like she is the oldest doll on the stage but needless to say we didn’t feel “booty.”

Okay, we see that Selena Gomez is bringing on a grown and sexier image and that performance was down right depressing “The Heart wants what it wants.” I loved her look on and off stage but, honey get your life and stop the drama:Selena Gomez Selena looked elegant and we love this Giorgio Armani Prive gown. I loved it on the runway and it looked even better on her with the small adjustments that they made so the gown would hang correctly on her small frame.

Nicki Minaj looked very nice and well put together. Hey do you all remember the crazy Nicki with the wacky outfits and hair? Well LaPazions your girl has grown up and I think she’s taking her image very seriously. For both of her, performances she kept the look more polished and sexy we love this new direction (side note: only thing she needs to stop looking and acting as if someone stole her puppy or her crazy and is making her be mature in her style):Nicki Minaj

We know that all Disney stars want to break the goody goody image and we guess that Zendaya Coleman isn’t any different. Her team decided it would be a great idea for the young starlet to rock Georgine; which is great and we like that she wants to be uniquely herself but, every time we turn this girl is rocking a bathing suit top of sorts. I think its time to hire a new stylist and give Zendaya her own image, not so contrived and fake:Zendaya

Pause is this Rita Ora? Yes honey this young songstress is making style moves in this killer yellow Zack Posen gown. We don’t know exactly how she sat down in it but it was definitely saying a whole lot of something. Only thing I didn’t care for was her hair which was neat but, I didn’t feel it added to much to her look and she needed a little more warmth in her face with her makeup:Rita OraOLD LADY ALERT!! Yup I said it and I’ll stick by it sorry.. Heidi Klum in Versace did nothing with this look and the hemline wasn’t her friend and it made her look like she was chasing her youth and she attended the wrong event. I know you’re throwing your shoes at me right now but, I have to call it as I see it:Heidi KlumI don’t know who this young woman is nor do I know what exactly she was going for with this look but, OMG Nicki and Skylar Grey’s performance was great. I absolutely loved her voice but, this thug wanna-be look did nothing for us and we just thought hello Skylar the 90’s called and they want this look back:Skylar GreyI’m sorry those Jenner girls need to go to school, because anyone who cannot get the Designer right who is lending your look to you needs to sit down somewhere quickly. Then on top of everything Kendall is the new face of Estee Lauder.. Hello!! I guess the brand needs a younger dumber generation?:Kendall Je nnerKylie JennerThank goodness big sister Khloe Kardashian was there to try and clean up things. Khloe looked fabulous in her Versus Versace dress and it was hugging her perfectly!! This has to be by far one of my favorite Kardashian’s and I think she is just real and brings her own sense of style and being to each and every look:Khloe KardashianJust something random here, UM is Jessie J and Luke James and item?:Jessie J and Luke JamesNotice how low his hand is on her and we also saw them inside the venue sitting with each other and she also made sure to come by and brush him when she performed Bang-Bang and killed it!! Just saying if you all have more tea on these two please don’t hesitate to spill it..LOL!

I have to be totally honest with you all here. I loved Mary J. Blige look on the red carpet this Mark Zunino gown was saying something. Mary hasn’t looked so good and the makeup and hair was on point but, what happened to her for her performance? I thought the look was all wrong as well as the song choice it was just down hill all the way:Mary J BLige

Sparks flew when Jordan Sparks hit the carpet.. Jordan let me be the first to tell you a breakup looks Fabulous on you. Honey we know Jason was sitting somewhere kicking himself over and over again as gorgeous and sexy as she looked:Jordin SparksJordan went with this beautiful metallic number by Halston Heritage and the color just complimented her so well and the cut was amazing and flattering all the way!!

Honey it all about Meghan Trainor and we love how she rocked Ted Baker very fresh and fem: Meghan TrainerI only have two criticisms to make with Meghan. 1st: she needs to work on her poses to take away from her legs. 2nd: I wish they would style her hair a little more and maybe put a little wave in it to make her look a little softer. All and all we love you Meghan and let them know your curves are fabulous and flawless!

Wow, is that Fergie on the red carpet? I haven’t seen her in so long but, she looks great and is ready to regain her spot in this business. I can tell she hasn’t been in the game for a minute because, her performance had a few glitches and her dancing wasn’t as tight as normal but, Fergie she is BACK:Fergie

LaPazions, I have to tell you this red carpet this year was a little tame if I may say so and it didn’t have the big wow moment for me. I cannot say there was just one person that just took my breath away or made me want to just do flips but, all and all it was a good red carpet. The show on the other hand I have to tell you, I’m going to need Rihanna, Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake to come out with new music to bring the bang we’re so clamoring for cause, this show just lacked the excitement level.

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Photo Credit: Brandon Brenkowski of LaPaz Image/Event Consultants and Lapazimageing Fashion Forward

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wedding Bells Rang in New Orleans

wedding bells

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Photos Provided by:

Article by: Marisol DeGaines-Certified Image Consultant/Fashion Reporter/Creative Director of LaPaz Image/Event Consultants Paris

Hey LaPazions as they say in Creole in New Orleans “Se pou fwa yo bon woule” Let the good times roll!! Singer, songwriter-Solange Knowles and Director-Alan Ferguson tied the knot on Sunday, November 16, 2014!! Yay Baby it was done in true style of the city and the creative edge that only Solange gives and possess. We love the regal feeling of her nuptials and honey the brides party gave girls running the world elegance:Artistic form We all have been waiting to see what exactly the starlet would do for her wedding and it didn’t disappoint one bit. Solange is 28 years old and Alan Ferguson is 51 years old; which shows that Solange is mature and knows what she wants in her and her sons future:Solange and AlanIn true Solange form she kept the whimsical feeling apart of her beautiful day from a bridal bike, dancing in the streets with sparklers to a gorgeous back drop of getting married at Holy Trinity Church:Solange and Alan2Solange wedding1solange-knowles-marries-alan-fergusonParty in the StreetsWe absolutely loved that she breaks all kinds of stigma’s such as only the bride can wear white.. The entire party wore white and we loved the Humberto Leon for Kenzo gown Solange selected. Her big sister and brother-in-law also was there and of coarse Beyoncé was matron of honor even though others have been saying maid of honor- HELLO!! SHE IS MARRIED!Beyonce and Jay ZBlue Ivy and BeyonceJ-Bey and BrysonSTOP THE PRESSES! We’ve heard talk of how Beyoncé almost upstaged the bride which we don’t find that to be true at all but; on the other hand Tina Knowles… Honey she stole the whole show for us! Tina is just the pure picture of elegance and beauty and she truly didn’t disappoint one bit:Tina KnowlesWe thought, as we looked through the photos of Tina that; we know many days Matthew Knowles sits kicking himself over and over again for letting this beautiful, talented and did we say Gorgeous woman slip right through his fingers..

We’re truly excited and happy for Solange and Alan and we hope they have a happy healthy and long marriage. Don’t allow others to pull them apart and to love and build a very stronger family unit between them and their son Julez. Which by the way we’re going to give you the cutest moment for us, which was when 10 year old Julez and Solange took to the dance floor:

Once again, Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ferguson and making many more lasting memories!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our Top 5 Fashion Trends for 2014:

Fashion Trends Logo

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Article by: Sonya LaRae-Certified Image/Lifestyle Consultants/MUA and Fashion Journalist

Photos Provided by: Lapazimageing Fashion Forward and LaPaz Image/Event Consultants

LaPazions, this weather has changed so quickly and I have to admit it to you all; I happen to love fall and winter. I don’t mind the cold weather one bit but, what I do mind is the snow and ice. The other thing I love about fall and winter is my wardrobe!! Yes Fashionistas, my winter wardrobe is 10 times better than my spring/summer wardrobe (I cannot dress cool enough for the heat). I love the jackets, boots, turtlenecks, the deep rich colors and much much more! Snow dayThis brings me to my top 5 favorite style picks for this season:

1. The Wrap Coat:Wrap coatsYes, look how fabulous these coats are, it’s much like being wrapped in a lush blanket which is so warm-you just cannot go wrong with a gorgeous wrap coat. SIDE NOTE: Don’t forget pattern is everything this season so you can even go bold with the fabric choices.

2. The Cape:Capes to You I have to tell you I know why every super hero wants a cape because, they are just FABULOUS!! I mean it adds such a different dimension and elegance to your wardrobe. You can select from a floor sweeping length or maybe you like a cape that stops at the waistline, capes add a certain fashionality to your wardrobe.

3. Boot, Boots and more BOOTS:Winter boot gameHoney do you see these boots they are to die for! I mean EEEEVVVRRYY girl needs a beautiful blinged out pair of boots! I love that they have gone the extra mile with boots from laser cut to peep toe you can find something that is fashionable and fabulous and, you have a wide selection on the type of heel you’ll be rocking.

4. Bold Retro Styles:Retro made ModernI love the retro feel and look that has been brought modern. I think if I knew what I know now I’d asked my mother to save a lot of my grandmothers fabulous fashionable clothing that she had. My grandmother was a true fashion icon way before her time, I mean if you could have seen her wardrobe it would make you jealous. I love the silhouettes because, they are feminine have a beautiful and flattering shape for most body-types. I love the retro look because you can pull from different eras to make it all your own.

5. Fur, Fur and MORE FUR:Fur-fur and more fur Pause my PETA followers do not throw your shoes or stop following me. I mean fur is gorgeous and now with the high end faux furs you don’t know the real from the fake and we love it!! I mean I love a gorgeous fur and if it means no animals were injured in me getting what I think is a twist or touch of class is even better. I love the fur vest, jackets, hats, handbags, fur-lined boots you name it I’m rocking them!

Fashion is just and extension of your inward expression and you should take every opportunity to express yourself without any hesitation! I want to hear what you’re looking forward to rocking this Fall/Winter 2014 and what hot trend you want to keep from last season.

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