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Our Top 5 Fashion Trends for 2014:

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LaPazions, this weather has changed so quickly and I have to admit it to you all; I happen to love fall and winter. I don’t mind the cold weather one bit but, what I do mind is the snow and ice. The other thing I love about fall and winter is my wardrobe!! Yes Fashionistas, my winter wardrobe is 10 times better than my spring/summer wardrobe (I cannot dress cool enough for the heat). I love the jackets, boots, turtlenecks, the deep rich colors and much much more! Snow dayThis brings me to my top 5 favorite style picks for this season:

1. The Wrap Coat:Wrap coatsYes, look how fabulous these coats are, it’s much like being wrapped in a lush blanket which is so warm-you just cannot go wrong with a gorgeous wrap coat. SIDE NOTE: Don’t forget pattern is everything this season so you can even go bold with the fabric choices.

2. The Cape:Capes to You I have to tell you I know why every super hero wants a cape because, they are just FABULOUS!! I mean it adds such a different dimension and elegance to your wardrobe. You can select from a floor sweeping length or maybe you like a cape that stops at the waistline, capes add a certain fashionality to your wardrobe.

3. Boot, Boots and more BOOTS:Winter boot gameHoney do you see these boots they are to die for! I mean EEEEVVVRRYY girl needs a beautiful blinged out pair of boots! I love that they have gone the extra mile with boots from laser cut to peep toe you can find something that is fashionable and fabulous and, you have a wide selection on the type of heel you’ll be rocking.

4. Bold Retro Styles:Retro made ModernI love the retro feel and look that has been brought modern. I think if I knew what I know now I’d asked my mother to save a lot of my grandmothers fabulous fashionable clothing that she had. My grandmother was a true fashion icon way before her time, I mean if you could have seen her wardrobe it would make you jealous. I love the silhouettes because, they are feminine have a beautiful and flattering shape for most body-types. I love the retro look because you can pull from different eras to make it all your own.

5. Fur, Fur and MORE FUR:Fur-fur and more fur Pause my PETA followers do not throw your shoes or stop following me. I mean fur is gorgeous and now with the high end faux furs you don’t know the real from the fake and we love it!! I mean I love a gorgeous fur and if it means no animals were injured in me getting what I think is a twist or touch of class is even better. I love the fur vest, jackets, hats, handbags, fur-lined boots you name it I’m rocking them!

Fashion is just and extension of your inward expression and you should take every opportunity to express yourself without any hesitation! I want to hear what you’re looking forward to rocking this Fall/Winter 2014 and what hot trend you want to keep from last season.

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