Monday, January 24, 2011

SimonK Design Blowing our Mind!

I know that many of you may be getting ready for Fashion Week and we thought we would just wet your appetite just a bit more with this amazing Designer Simon Keyser of SimonK Design.  From the moment that we saw this Designers collection we knew we had to bring him to you all!  SimonK is a very forward thinking person and gives great detail to his collection.  You’re wondering what exactly does SimonK Design do well we aren’t going to tease you any longer we are going to first introduce you to Simon Keyser of SimonK Design:


LFF: Hello Simon tell me where are you from?

SK: Well I’m from Cape Town South Africa

LFF: Wow, that is really exciting (by the way our interview was 1:30pm EST and it was after 8pm in Cape Town South Africa) so tell me a little bit about yourself. Did you study Design or any kind of Textile courses?

SK: I really wanted to study architecture when I was going to school but ended up doing quantity surveying and did it for many years. Then I bought the business a few years ago and, I discovered a passion and talent for design; and then things grew from there. First, there was a lot of old designs we had when I bought the business but, I knew we needed to update our line.  I just knew for me I rather do something well or just not do it at all.  I want the quality to be superb and to make sure that our collection is one of luxury and not be ashamed of it.

LFF: I have to say that when we saw your handbags we loved them because they aren’t like anything like what we see or have seen.

SK: Well thank you very much, that is exactly what we are doing and wanting to bring attention to is the details:(We would like to give you a sneak peak at SimonK Design Handbags at this point. We think we have teased you enough!)

Okay, now lets get back to the interview don’t worry we have more photos that we are going to share with you!

LFF: We know that pocketbooks are no longer just to carry your things, they are more of a statement piece. With this being stated where do you pull your inspiration from for the collection?

SK: My inspiration is largely my wife but, the mind set behind the products is that it should be fun and easy to wear.  I want all woman to enjoy them and many times, when you look at Ostrich it can be somewhat formal but, with our bags we want them to be more fun, trendy and hip so, that all woman can enjoy them and we are celebrating the beauty of every woman with our designs and collections!

LFF: That is really a great philosophy behind the SimonK Design and very appealing.  How do you come up with the ideas and shapes of your handbags?

SK: Believe it or not many times they come to me in my sleep.  I don’t want to present something that looks like what I have already seen so I really take the time in drafting the creation and giving it like its own personality.

LFF: Do most of your materials come from Africa and how do you go about selecting them?

SK: We have a lot of raw materials here and about 30kilometers (which is about 19 miles) away, we have one of the best and just outstanding crocodile farms that we deal with and I’m very particular with whom I do business with and that it is legal. I really love working with crocodile and ostrich, they have such a uniqueness about them and none are the same.

LFF: I don’t know if it is the same for Designers of Handbags but, do you work a season ahead like with the Designers in Fashion?

SK: I tend to try and follow some of the trends but, not overly I really define things for myself and what I want and not to be a follower but, kind of being in front of the curve.

LFF: I don’t really see you as a follower from looking at your pocketbooks. How Long does it take from the idea to the conception?

SK: Sometimes its hard because there are small elements that aren’t right and each material has its own characteristics, but in general its not very long where some can take a month and other are just a few day. It depends on the different elements that I may want such as the curvature of the handbag.

LFF: Have you thought of having your own runway show, just showing your handbags?

SK: Funny, I have thought about it but, I would really like to collaborate with some other Designer that may not be producing handbags and add my bags onto their collection to finish off the looks!

LFF: Is that something you would be interested in doing even with and American Designer?

SK: Oh yes by all means!

LFF: Do you do a mass productions?

SK: No we do a small quantity because, I rather spend more time on the products this way they are well made and not inferior. I feel people deserve great quality products.

LFF: What is your price point?

SK: Well they can range from $300.00-$2,800.00 depending on what you are looking for.  I don’t make excuses for the prices because they are so well made and I have taken the time to really craft a bag that is uniquely itself.

LFF: What are some of your Fashion Goals for SimonK Design?

SK: Well first to be flexible, build a brand that is respected for its quality, originality and celebrated for being the best with outstanding products.

LFF: What advise would you give to someone who maybe thinking of starting their own Design business?

SK: I guess if you think its a glamorous job its not- its very hard working and you must be dedicated to it and always be humble and be prepared to take some falls but also don’t be afraid to ask questions or take advice.

LFF: Where can our reader purchase or find your products?

SK: They can find us at

LFF: Simon I have to say this was really a great interview and I really enjoyed speaking with you and learning more about you and your company!

SK: Well thank you it was a real pleasure!

From the moment the interview started you could feel the positive energy that this Designer is bringing and he isn’t afraid to allow you to feel his kind and genuine spirit.  He celebrates his life by being dedicated to not just being a great Designer but also, being a wonderful husband and father to 3 children.  SimonK Design is one name that we feel is going to be around for a long time and we hope that you all fall in love with his collection and the spirit of the collection! SimonK Design is one name that we are grateful to have met.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Heel Condoms?! Taking the Fashion Industry by Storm!

I know right now the biggest question mark is running through your mind and, we have to be honest with you when we first heard of this, we where like what in the world could this be?  Our Fashion/Style Reporter got right on top of this and let me tell you it is just a Fabulous invention that a wonderful Designer from San Juan, Puerto Rico is bringing to all of us!  Without any further hesitation we want to get right into our interview so you can see what exactly is a “Heel Condoms”.  Introducing Sandrysabel Ortiz of The Heel Condoms!

LFF: Hello Sandrysabel, I’m so excited to be interviewing you and introducing you and your Fabulous creation to all of our readers. Sandrysabel, tell us a little about yourself.

SO:I studied Finance here in Puerto Rico at the University of Puerto Rico and got my Bachelors Degree in Finance, then I moved to NYC where I had an Internship with 2 major Investment companies. I came back to Puerto Rico where I worked for another well know and established Financial company for about a year and most of my professional life has been in Finances.

LFF: Wow, Now how exactly did you come up with your company and product?

SO: I have always been a person who has loved and loves fashion, and in my past career I always traveled a lot and I have had a passion for Shoes.  I think if you travel and your trying to make sure you have the right shoe for each outfit you know how time consuming it really can be which in turn lead me to produce the “Heel Condoms”.  I felt like “If I dress up why can’t my shoes dress up?”

LFF: Now when you started thinking about the concept of dressing your shoes up, did you sit down and sketch out your idea or how did you come up with this?

SO: I was talking to one of my family members (my grandfather) and I stated, I really wanted to start my own business and to come up with a brilliant idea and build a great business around it. He told me that he thought it was a great idea but he wanted me to first focus on my schooling and so that is what I did, but some time passed and I then was speaking with my Aunt and who is very fashionable and she really encouraged me as well to step out and try it.  I started to learn how to sew because I didn’t know anything about sewing and my good friend helped me as well and we came up with the prototype of the Heel Condoms! (we would like to introduce you to the Heel Condoms (hot):

LFF: When was the company and the idea started?

SO: We really started moving very quickly and everything from the manufacturing, the development and the site took place all this year 2010!

LFF: Congratulation! That is rather quick!

SO: Yes and the response has been just phenomenal!!

LFF: Did you think that this would take off so quickly and be such a great success?

SO: I kind of thought that it could take off quickly because it is such a unique product but, at the same time you know you have to create a need for it so the name is something that we thought it would be something great to catch the attention of people, men and women, because it makes for a great gift for a guy to give to his girlfriend, wife or mother or whomever.  I’m always excited when I hear the feedback from people and I wear them all the time so when you, hear someone who has tried the product it is very exciting and just so good to know that people are loving them.

LFF: Now is there a certain kind of shoe or size that the Heel Condoms are made for?

SO: It fits any shoe size and it really depends on the cut of the backside of the shoe, such as if the pump is with a thick heel or kind of wide at the heel base, it may not fit properly but, any stiletto it will fit perfectly.  The Heel Condoms is designed for a shoe that is like the ones that our model is wearing in the photos with a keen line. .

LFF: How do you go about selecting fabrics and production?

SO: The process is very quick in all honesty and the fabrics are sometime from what I may see or the manufacture of my products may see fabrics that she thinks I would like for the Heel Condoms.

LFF:  What is the price point for the Heel Condoms?

SO: $20.00-$30.00 the ones that are a little less interknit and the ones that are like with the feathers and studs are more of our higher end.

LFF: Do you think you will ever do Custom designs?

SO: I would love to take it into that direction and then maybe develop something sort of like Build a Bear, where clients can come in and design their own Heel Condoms and choose from different fabrics and designs one day.

LFF: Where can our reader purchase the Heel Condoms?

SO: The can directly to our site at

LFF: Before I let you go my last question, If there is one thing you could impart to someone who is trying to start a new venture what would you tell them?

SO: Really educate yourself on everything that is dealing with your business and don’t be apprehensive over the roles and things you may have to do to get the business or product up off the ground.  Be true to yourself and the product so this way when things start to form and take shape that you can really have a handle on things that may come up.

LFF: Sandrysabel this has really been such a pleasure interviewing you and getting to know more about your wonderful product the Heel Condoms!  I’m so excited for all of our readers as well because you are also allowing us to giveaway a pair to one of our wonderful readers that is following us either with Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect!

SO: Yes, I’m really happy to be able to offer such a great opportunity to Lapazimageing Fashion Forward readers and I know they are going to enjoy wearing them as much as I do!

Sandrysabel, really embodies the true meaning of being an entrepreneur! She is a real visionary with a very bright future in the Fashion Industry, and is taking the world by storm with such a unique and original idea as the Heel Condoms.  We want to give you a peek at the pair that you can win! All entries are due no later than January 31,2011 and the selection will be randomly done.  Please make sure your following us and leave us your e-mail address so we can contact the winner!


The Heel Condoms:

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