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Oscars 2012 Hits or Misses?

 Fashion Week 025

Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Me-ah: Editor

Freelance Photographer: M.Dittmen, L.Millier, T. Witt


The 84th Annual Oscar's Awards came on television last night, I found myself looking forward to them being aired and we at LaPaz Image/Event Consultants had a client attending plus a Fabulous Couture Fashion Week Designer, that we are incredibly fond of who dressed several who walked on the Red Carpet!! Oscar Logo The biggest part of the Oscars is the who is wearing what, be it a hit or miss and we couldn’t wait to see the top stars at their best! Plus not only the Oscars, it was also the Vanity Fair Party and Elton John's 20th Annual Charity Gala and we want to give you all of it!! Be it good, the bad and the ugly and with this being stated we are going to jump in with both feet and we cannot wait to hear what your thought are of what we thought about the Red Carpet Affairs:



We’re going to jump right off the edge of the table with this Angelina Jolie in Black Atelier Versace I’m sorry but, this gown was a statement piece if we may say so ourselves but what in the world was she thinking when she kept throwing her leg out of the slit in a ridiculous pose with a gown with a built in hip.. lol!!  Honestly the more that we watched her take this pose the more we felt like screaming to Angelina, please get a tan, tone up your leg and eat then put your leg out on display for us to look at!! She looked like at one point she was trying to make some sort of vulgar statement without really going over the top but, she knew it was wrong when she took center stage and hit the pose once again that it made her laugh at the Ridiculousness of this! 

JESSICAJessica from the Help looked overwhelmed but also oddly beautiful in this to die for in Alexander McQueen the detailing and embroidery was beyond words. We loved Jessica’s simplistic approach to her makeup as well as the hair very nice.

Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic back

Giuliana Rancic in Tony Ward  looked really good in this gown! Giuliana, really looked lovely and due with all that has taken place in this year with cancer, the miscarriages she knocked this out of the box, not feeling this hair but everything else is just beautiful!

GEORGE STACYGeorge Clooney and Stacy Kiebler-Marchesa Personally for me this dress wasn’t all that for me in all honesty. I didn’t care for the rosette at the hip and puddling but, one thing She looked gorgeous in this color again her skin and she just needed a different dress.

Maria MenounosMaria Menounos in Lucia Hohan she looked fabulous in this gown and color! Maria, has really has taken her style to the highest of heights. Remember Maria was the special correspondent on Access Hollywood with Billy Bush, then she became one of their leading Journalist from their she moved on into other things like walking the Red Carpet and not working the Red Carpet FABULOUS!!

Rooney MaraRooney Mara wore this white gown by Givenchy made a grand entrance and had everyone talking from Fashion Police, Extra, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and the Evening News but, here we are again to tell you something so contrary from what everyone is saying. We didn’t care for this particular gown on Rooney, because of her particular body-type it didn’t flatter her rectangular or ruler shaped body, it did accentuate that she has very broad shoulders, very narrow hips and not cleavage. In photos the gown looked like it fit her body perfectly but, in all honesty it did not at all, we hope we didn’t just smash your thoughts and opinions.

Sarah Hyland  Now this is breathtaking, beautiful, elegant and so very age appropriate on this young actress! Sarah Hyland wore Alberta Ferretti, the color and style and cut really looked wonderful on her body and her hair in the up sweep was beautiful her makeup was very clean and fresh with the attention being drawn to her eye. Perfect one of our top picks on best dressed and we love how well she carried this off.

Giving you a break from the Oscars Red Carpet we have to run you over to Vanity Fair party and Sir Elton Johns Charity Party!! Its so much going on because they also have the Ball that all the stars hope to be able to attend and Elton John gives his Charity Gala at the exact same time and its fantastic!!

Dita Von TeeseDita Von Teese looked Gorgeous in this pale pink Jenny Packham gown that had such beautiful detailing on the shoulders and around the neck! All of the jewels and the clutch came from Harry Winston's and this amazing gown made the Red Carpet beam!

Claire DanesClaire Danes wore this Valentino frock to the Vanity Fair party and no we don’t think this was such a great look and matter of fact this gown is so screaming retro -Throw me back its just not even funny.  There isn’t anything much we really can say about this gown other than, Claire step away from the gown. Lol!!

Olivia WildeI know Olivia Wilde is just stunning in this Gucci Gown and we loved the simplicity of this look the black corset with the sleek hair and makeup and the necklace that was worth more than you and I put together would ever purchase. AMAZING!!

PENELOPE CRUZBeautiful Penelope Cruz always looks flawless and she ROCKS that old Hollywood look effortlessly but, seems like she does it just a little to often and that she falls back on this. Penelope selected to wear Armani Prive the color looked so gorgeous against her skin and the cut flattered her body-type only thing we didn’t like was how tight set Penelope’s hair was. When doing old Hollywood, you need to be careful and not pinch the look to much as Penelope has here and it should be loose and sweet.

Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara looked brilliant, elegant and ready to mix and mingle in this fabulous curve hugging gown!! Sofia was killing them in this amazing Robert Cavalli gown, I love when she brings Cavalli to life with her curves and the way that a real lady looks in a gown on any given night.

Now this particular Actress I personally was upset over how she looked for this evenings event. I mean there are so few real elegant plus size women in this business that have made it and have been recognized in such a way like the Oscars.  Its so important that you really get it right first time around because there are no do over’s once you hit the Red Carpet and everyone is Tweeting, Reporting or Blogging your look it must be correct!! For me as a Stylist I wished I could have gotten the opportunity to Meet and Dress Melissa McCarthy who wore this particular gown:

MELISSAThis gown is beautiful in color only, its just the wrong cut for her particular body-type which is oval and she has such great assets that could have been brought out and instead they decided to go with a well crafted beautiful bathrobe for our gorgeous Melissa to wear. This is such a miss and if you know how we can get in touch with this Fabulous Actress please let us know. 

Now we want to give you our best Dressed, the look that we loved for the WHOLE night and guess what? It is going to blow your mind and shock you all because this particular person those that are in the industry (Fashion Critics) via Television stated this would be great for the Grammy’s or some other award show but, we TOTALLY DISAGREE!!

JENNJennifer killed it in this amazing Zuhair Murad Gown that gave this beautiful Actress the wow factor.  This is what Oscar Awards are all about bringing you the different the awe inspiring and the amazing things in beauty and this is exactly what Jennifer Lopes gave everyone on the Red Carpet and if you could have seen her on at the Vanity Fair party you would have just thought now this is what a Super Star looks like!!

This seasons Oscars was okay and Billy Crystal was back and  hosted but, its time to get that fresh blood in and move things forward just like we all expect when we see the celebrities walking the Red Carpet!!

We cannot wait to hear your picks misses and much more! This has been a very busy season but we’re happy to bring you all the coverage at the Hottest Spot on the internet!!


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Bonus Coverage of NYFW and CFW F/W12-13

Fashion Week 036

Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Me-ah: Editor

Photos Provided by: V. Mitchell, L. Williams, B. Goldson, A. Vaelizinick

Contributors: M. DeGaines, A. Ramira , N. Lee


Fashion Week comes in like a world wind and it arrives on like level 99 and stays on that track until it departs. The difference with this Fashion Week was it was coming on top of some major shows that we’re apart of due to client(s) that are attending, presenting or nominated.  We’re coming out of the Stellar and ASCAP Awards, SAG and right in the middle of NY Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is the Grammy Awards. The boards are crazy and everyone is pitching for which show they want to cover and then on top of everything else I have another special announcement for everyone and that I’m going to be adding (the music dunt,dunt, Dunne!) a Special Correspondent to cover CFW being that I President/CEO – Editor-in-Chief will not be attending due to two top client(s) attending award shows. Urgggh!! Which in turn means our schedule and schedule board is C.R.A.Z.Y.:

Fashion Board

Finally NYFW get’s underway we have our team in place for the most part of who is where and what is what!! Its time for everyone to just shine and bring us what we are known best for is HOT coverage from the Hottest shows that take place during NYFW aka Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and here is one very brilliant example of what we do best and how we get up close and personal with the amazing Designers of some of the top shows:

Najaam Interviewing Adrian Alicea Strange Fruit

Special Correspondent Najaam Lee of Vedic Image Group captured this broadminded Designer on his new collection that he showed during NYFW!! Keeping in mind that we always want to keep you Fashion Forward we also have a few extra shots that we wanted to share with you as well:

IMG_4682 IMG_4495 IMG_4526Very hot start to everything in NYFW always having something different to offer to all of us who loves all things Fashionable!! Then it was the end of NYFW aka MBFW for all of us here with the attendance of Falguni and Shane Peacock:

IMG_3574 IMG_3367 IMG_3373  IMG_3555 IMG_3562 IMG_3567  That was so awesome so half of the team was off and running now to Milan for Fashion Week which, we will be bringing you coverage from certain Designers from there so don’t forget to come back and check and see who we will be bringing to you!

Our next stop is Couture Fashion Week and this is where it got very touch for all of us here at LaPaz Image/Event Consultants and Lapazimageing Fashion Forward. Why you all maybe asking us? This is because our President/CEO and Editor/Chief, Sonya LaRae attends this fabulous event but, this season due to so many Award shows and clients attending Award shows, she was unable to attend and here is where our very Special Guest and Correspondent Najaam Lee came into the picture!! Najaam came into the picture just beautifully and graciously, Looking outright FABULOUS!!

Najaam brought her years in the industry to covering Couture Fashion Week meeting, greeting and interviewing some of the Top Designers in the industry. Then to make this even more special then it already is; our Fabulous Photographer B. Goldson took the most Ahhmazing pics of top Designer/Extraordinary Andres Aquino’s Two models for a special shoot which we have exclusively here for you!!

IMG_2790 IMG_2683 IMG_2686 IMG_2690 IMG_2694 IMG_2698 IMG_2723 IMG_2726 IMG_2748Totally breathtaking right? I mean to see photos like these are just what its all about when you go to Fashion Week and you can capture something so brilliant and breathtaking. Then we had our moments backstage from hair and makeup and just being in the presence of such artistic individuals brings such energy:

IMG_6481 IMG_6463 IMG_6470  We love that every single year CFW draws the Whose-Who in entertainment and this season was no exception at all. I mean we had the Mob-Wives Carla, who came out and sometimes I think you become a celebrity just by doing nothing but, in this case just by the association of who you keep or came from but, I know this much I love Carla’s personality and as a Stylist I would love to work with any of these ladies to really help build their Signature Style would be so HOT!!  IMG_4516 IMG_4571 IMG_4593 IMG_4695

Couture Fashion Week is just Gorgeous and we all can only say Thank you to the one and only Andres Aquino and his full-staff that pull this off, from lighting, sound, vendors, organizers, makeup artist, models you name it we appreciate all that goes into making this Outstanding event everything that is truly is Couture Fashion Week and totally Haute!!


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Day-3 Is Coming in with Great Anticipation!

Fashion Week 020


Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Me-ah: Editor

Najaam Lee: Special Correspondent

Brian Goldson: Photographer

The anticipation in the air is thick and serious—seriously crowded!! There’s so many photographers I mean literally packed seats and the music selection between interludes are soo much better than the last 2 Days but, people are still filing into the Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria.  Its almost 4:00pm and the line up for this afternoon is Romero Bryan, Luis Machicao and Laurel Dewitt.

Romero Bryan: From everything that we saw yesterday I’m really excited to see this particular Designers collection-Romero Bryan came with High tops-long ponytails:

 IMG_2912 IMG_2923 IMG_2939 IMG_2981 IMG_2983  IMG_3040



Romero really drew everyone into the show with music playing from India Aire which is just fabulous. His collection was very sensual, delicate of the female spirit was definitely defined through is collection.

Luis Machicao: This should be hot got a sneak peak and the models are rocking Mohawks so you know I cannot wait to see what is going to be delivered to all of us in attendance today:

IMG_3273 IMG_3072 IMG_3084 IMG_3106 IMG_3112 IMG_3128 IMG_3155 IMG_3164 IMG_3189 IMG_3192 IMG_3200 IMG_3208 IMG_3218 IMG_3241IMG_3265 

This Show brought out the Indian and Punk-Rock influence with models strutting their stuff and the Mohawks are really just to die for! HAUTE! Is what I really can say to you right no this is totally cased Haute! (Note from Editor-in-Chief: I totally liked the concept of where this particular Designer was taking us on but, I really don’t feel that he met that link for me and that it left several things out for me)

Laureluxe by Laurel DeWitt: I’m ready for this show just like everyone else is sitting here like on pins and needles, I’m exactly the same way!! Its time for the first look to come out on the runway and OMG!!!!!!! Power music hit the room and out comes STRONG, MYSTERIOUS and POWERFUL women with chain link ponytails!! Yes you read that correctly I know just blew your freaking mind!!:

IMG_3608 IMG_3318 IMG_3327 IMG_3342 IMG_3356 IMG_3378 IMG_3382 IMG_3404 IMG_3408 IMG_3422 IMG_3428 IMG_3443 IMG_3458 IMG_3466 IMG_3494 IMG_3496 IMG_3531 IMG_3554 IMG_3569 IMG_3669 IMG_3639 IMG_3660 

This show is AHHHHMAZZZINGGG!!!Not only does Najaam Lee our Special Correspondent feel this way all of us here editing this article are just blown away!! Per Najaam she died like 5 times and raised back up to see the collection!! The full-feather head and shoulder top with long panel skirt dress reminded me of Grace Jones, I truly enjoyed this show and collection it was exciting and empowering at the same time, you definitely have to wn a piece of Laureluxe!!

6PM: Janerations by Janina Stankiene and Sandra Baquero

We’re back for the next half of Couture Fashion Week and after such and exciting first half I’m looking forward to seeing what these next group of Designers will be showing!

IMG_3978 IMG_3787 IMG_3808 IMG_3825 IMG_3839 IMG_3855 IMG_3874 IMG_3893 IMG_3921 IMG_3940 IMG_3969Najaam Lee and Designer Per our Special Correspondent Najaam Lee: “This was all about mixing pieces together and making something fun and beautiful and show the enjoyment of life! Her Collection featured cocoa hooded thick sweaters with pleated check skirts, paired with black and gold boots. It was very nicely done.” (Editor-in-Chief Notes: I honestly feel that some of the pieces such as the fur jackets where done exceptionally well, along with some of the sweaters but, for us this collection fell very short for us and didn’t meet the mark that we have come so use to having and seeing during CFW)

Sandra Baquero: This is such a wonderful and lovely lady and I’m excited to see her collection:

 IMG_4055 IMG_4063 IMG_4069 IMG_4074 IMG_4086 IMG_4100 IMG_4118 IMG_4124 IMG_4126 IMG_4145 IMG_4170 IMG_4186 IMG_4202 IMG_4218 IMG_4224 IMG_4228 IMG_4248 IMG_4254 IMG_4272 IMG_4293 IMG_4324 IMG_4335 IMG_4351 IMG_4355 IMG_4418 IMG_4499

Sandra Baquero, brought the Royal London Soldiers to CFW! Turn on the March Mix music and out came solder-glamour, I love how she is introducing the hat the America and allowing it to be apart of the everyday look and not just for dressing up and going to the Horse Races or church. Najaam, also liked the Crème knit swing short dress paired with copper wedge boots. Najaam, thought the collection was very nice and that Sandra had great ideas and wearable, sellable pieces.

8:00PM: Alicat by Avril and Edwing D’Angelo

ALICAT: I thought the 6pm showcase was crowded well 8pm seems to be packed! I’m looking forward to seeing what this particular Designer is going to show us and what will be their Signature style, the show is about to start:

IMG_5162 IMG_4748 IMG_4762 IMG_4787 IMG_4798 IMG_4809 IMG_4827 IMG_4841 IMG_4867 IMG_4896 IMG_4911 IMG_4957 IMG_4958 IMG_4984 IMG_5015 IMG_5043 IMG_5064 IMG_5106 IMG_5133IMG_5719 

(Editor-in-Chief Notes: I love this collection, because I personally felt it had very strong lines and detailing that are feminine and the fabric choices are just beautiful and fluid. I love the jumpsuits that are polished, giving each garment its own life and energy just perfections!) Our Special Correspondent Najaam Lee feels; This showcase was very nice and both the men and women’s where paired with leopard spotted tams, cuffed chains around wrists and ankles beautiful simply put this collection is Beautiful!!

Here we are at the finale show of the evening and for CFW it’s the incredible Edwing D’Angelo! This is the MAN of the HOUR:

IMG_5681 IMG_5202 IMG_5212 IMG_5231 IMG_5237 IMG_5254 IMG_5281 IMG_5314 IMG_5320 IMG_5338 IMG_5350 IMG_5374 IMG_5410 IMG_5414 IMG_5482 IMG_5630 IMG_5642 IMG_5661 Now IMG_5665   Now you see why Edwing is the Designer to the Stars! Remember if you was with us Last CFW he had Vanessa Simmons, Dawn of Dirty Money and several other celebrities that walked in the show but, this time they didn’t walk in the show but they did show up and I mean some we didn’t think was so likely such as Royce from the Basketball Wives, Sharee of the Atlanta House Wives and even one of the MOB Wives showed up which by the way is my Sonya LaRae-Editor-in-Chiefs guilty pleasure:

IMG_4695 IMG_3708 IMG_4571 IMG_4593 Closing by: Sonya LaRae-Editor-in-Chief – I think we have had another Fabulous, Breathtaking and Awe Inspiring Couture Fashion Week!! I cannot believe that its over for another season and I’m putting the finale touches onto another incredible season!!

Special Thank You: Mr. Andres Aquino-Producer/Designer Extraordinary for allow our Special Team (Najaam Lee of Vedic Image Group & Brian Goldson-Photographer) who covered Couture Fashion Week for our family here at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward!


Thank you to my entire team at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward and LaPaz Image/Event Consultants for always being exceptional at what you do and getting everything in order for us coming into MBFW, NYFW and CFW!! You all make doing my job so much easier and I cannot thank you all enough for a job well done and we’ll be back at it all over again come September!


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