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Couture Fashion Week Takes Over NYC-Day 2

Fashion Week 025


Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Me-ah: Editor

Najaam Lee: Special Correspondent

Brian Goldson: Photographer-Freelance

We’ve had and amazing Day one and such and outstanding turn out to Couture Fashion Week! Najaam Lee of the Vedic Group has been able to bring you up close to the Top Designers taking part in the most Fabulous Event of the season plus the entertainers that are bringing such an energy to the show is truly awe inspiring! With this being stated I’d like to turn Day Two by over to Najaam Lee our Special Correspondent from Vedic Image Group!

4:00pm Nedret Taciroglu (Turkey), Patuna Bushyhead (USA/Rep. of Georgia)

Performances: Singer Sinem Saniye and Nini Shermadini

Saturday’s show opened with a nice tempo song by Sinem Saniye but, I have to say I think they should have really done something with the acoustics or the Sound Manager but they needed to adjust her microphone because, it made Sinem sound off, and I know she can sing-The song was nice and she entertained us with her beautiful Egyptian inspired dance. Then the Lights went down and the show open with:

Nedret Taciroglu: I cannot wait to see what we are going to be treated with I find myself on pins and needles:

IMG_9050 IMG_8550 IMG_8572 IMG_8600 IMG_8617 IMG_8628 IMG_8642 IMG_8696 IMG_8727 IMG_8747 IMG_8791 IMG_8836 IMG_8858 IMG_8936 I was definitely transported to the bazaars of Turkey, beautiful mixtures of inspired Turkish rug art and ethnic lines, bringing old world into modern time women. Nedret used colors of beige and burgundy, pieces of Islam inspired tams with the Turkish art design and color blends. Lovely, OMG!! Nedret her dresses were just beautiful, minimal but, with great detailing. There’s a dress I call “The Demi-Dress” because I can see Demi Moore in this-a long crème beige dress with sparkle front beading detailed design. Just amazing the collection was quite beautiful, Rich in ‘color and presence.

The next show is Patuna Bushyhead from what Editor-in-Chief Sonya LaRae states: “This is going to prove to be a really great show” so I cannot wait to see what is going to be offered to us in style:

IMG_9749 IMG_9455 IMG_9481 IMG_9492 IMG_9511 IMG_9527 IMG_9579 IMG_9607 IMG_9620 IMG_9628 IMG_9648 IMG_9678 IMG_9679 IMG_9691

This was a great, strong powerful show with Gorgeous huge, gigantic bejeweled pieces that worked as fastens and adornments. Patuna opened in colors of cocoa long dresses, showcasing a total of 12 hot inspired dresses that are wonderful for the Oscars to VMA’s and so much more! One of a kind pieces, she used fabrics of velvet, chiffon, leather and some skins which just brought this collection to another level of magnificent! (Note from Editor-in-Chief: I found this collection very breathtaking and that it was very hard for me to really pull-looks for the piece we’re presenting to you. Patuna Bushyhead really gives you the feeling of decadence, luxe and style from a true ladies era) This collection was just delicious!!

Kosta S. Outerwear: Wow for this show I noticed that now the Balcony seat are PACKED WOW!! I think we’re about to be treated to something so Fabulous that its going to blow our minds:

(Editor-in-Chief Notes: Kosta S. Outerwear presented last season and the fur’s were just to DIE for, I think that he is going to wow the audience, when I think of furriers this is one name that comes to mind):

IMG_9912 IMG_9924 IMG_9972 IMG_0014 IMG_0035 IMG_0037 IMG_0081 IMG_9834 IMG_9864 IMG_9896This handsome Grecian has taste and knows quality when it comes to fur pieces! His fur Coats and jackets are superb and amazing! I loved how Kosta paired the coats with black tights and rightfully so that it allowed the skins to speak, the furs of leopard/cheetah, black and white fur are breathtaking! Being able to see the coats up close just made it even better, because you can see the plush and lavish feeling of these magnificent fur coats, such a strong showing and would be fabulous for any Red Carpet or special occasion.

Catalin Botezatu:

(Note from Editor-in-Chief Sonya LaRae: When I heard that Catalin would be showing once again at CFW my heart hit my feet, because I wouldn’t personally get to see this Dynamic Designers’ collection.  Catalin really brings his collection full-circle meaning he gives you a beginning, middle and ending and the collection tells a marvelous storyline! I’m thrilled that our Special Correspondent Najaam Lee is going to get to experience this for herself and to bring this collection to you all once again!! I hope you all enjoy Catalin Botezatu of Romania)

IMG_0712 IMG_0727 IMG_0467 IMG_0477 IMG_0514 IMG_0525 IMG_0567 IMG_0579 IMG_0614 IMG_0622 IMG_0631 IMG_0663 IMG_0675IMG_0461 IMG_0133 IMG_0158 IMG_0163 IMG_0182 IMG_0261 IMG_0324  Special Correspondent Najaam Lee has this to say about Catalin Botezatu’s Collection: All hands up because he brought the house DOWN!! Catalin took us into the Royal Family of Romania, into the palaces of Kings and Queens along with the crowning by opening up with a video along side with the pieces coming down the runway.  First we see the lingerie of a queen to have; 2 piece in black with matching thigh-hi-black stockings a long see through black train, long black pointed nails. The dresses came through rich in quality fabrics such as dark earth mix of orange flower print dress, accented with a fur collar and fur around the sleeves. I love how the hair was crowned and bejeweled to forehead, Catalin used crystals, sequins and beaded tassels which added such a mystique to the collection. Catalin, also Designed an all Red piece Dress topped with a blood-red Russian style fur hat- OMG! very warm for the head indeed!! His collection was very powerful, I felt like I just entered the queens personal wardrobe, he did such a strong collection and it was so rich in history and stature! Pure perfection!!

We Still have more of Day 2 to come so do not go anywhere!

Jet Art- By Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt: This show opened with a Video piece so we could understand how Jet Art came about, through her late husband who was a well known Artist, who created one of a kind art pieces by Utilizing the power of wind and heat from the Jet engine that would assist in blowing the paint to the canvas and he cleverly orchestrated the designs it created, and this is how Jet Art came to be and we’re excited to present this collection to you:

IMG_1338 IMG_1047 IMG_1115 IMG_1144 IMG_1147 IMG_1168 IMG_1236 IMG_1248 IMG_1275  IMG_1305 IMG_1316  Now when the Prince passed away, Princess Tarinan, wanted to fulfill-his dream art and transformed it doing fashion.  In this collection, out came the jet art onto denim jeans and some leather jeans the pain designs are nice in bright color(s) of pink, orange, whites and crèmes plus she added wrap style dresses, and the fabric had the art design in colors of bright purples and blues.

IMG_0935 IMG_0996 IMG_1004 IMG_1016 IMG_1023 IMG_1035 IMG_0927 IMG_0933

This collection was very easy breeze feeling to it like beach or vacation kind of feeling to it. Princess Tarinan ended the show with the Designer and her models entering a Jet Art’s Plane. Jet Art had an LA, Surf girl style and feeling to it which means, sexy and alluring.  Keep and eye out for this Designer because you can see and feel the great things that she is going to be doing in the future!

Now, we want you to stay very close to the action because the One and Only Andres Aquino will be showing very soon and blowing your mind!!


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