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Couture Fashion Weeks Takes Over NYC-Day1

Fashion Week 025


Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Me-ah: Editor

Najaam Lee: Special Correspondent

Brian Goldson: Photographer

Hello Fabulous Fashion Lovers! Many of you know that I live for this time of year and especially to cover Couture Fashion Week! Well loves believe it our not I wasn’t able to cover this seasons runway shows due to us have a very hectic schedule due to the Stellar Awards, ASCAP, SAG and Grammy Awards needless to say I couldn’t do everything. This brings us to our Special Correspondent Ms. Najaam Lee of Vedic Vedic Image Group which you can visit to learn more regarding this fabulous Freelance Journalist.  Here is Najaam’s Special report from Day1 of Couture Fashion Week enjoy!

4:00pm Couture Fashion Week is scheduled to start! As I entered the Waldorf Astoria’s grand entrance, my eyes reached for the architectural designs of the building which was just breathtaking I knew I was about to experience something wonderful! As I was escorted to the 3rd floor Grand Ballroom I could feel the adrenalin rushing in me and was greeted by the Angelic voice of Nikoleta Rallis filled the air, the grandeur of the U-shaped runway, bright beaming lights and the large LCD screens on both sides of the stage, cameras are flashing to capture each look on the runway and the guest in attendance are just sitting with baited breath for the first look on the runway! 

We’re introduced to Couture Bridal Hair Collection runway show. Cascades of curls and ringlets perfectly and artistically fastened to create one beautiful art piece. Elie Esper, the master gave the woman elegance and power plus such a commanding presence but still not over powering and very soft and sensual and here is your first look:

IMG_5903  IMG_5271  IMG_5347 IMG_5352 IMG_5397 IMG_5472 IMG_5482 IMG_5486 IMG_5535 IMG_5538 IMG_5573  IMG_5652  IMG_5686 I know this is just to beautiful and so breathtaking and forward thinking, I just loved each look that came out onto the runway and that pushed the button on difference and unique feeling and gave us pure meaning behind couture. I’m so ready for the next Designer and I see its going to be Sushma Patel which comes up on the LCD screen:

IMG_5929This will be the first time for me seeing this particular Designer up close but, Sonya LaRae the Editor-in-Chief is a huge fan of this Designer and she feels that she designs clothing in a way that celebrates a woman’s body so, I’m looking forward to seeing what she is going to offer us this season:

IMG_6440 IMG_5936 IMG_5964 IMG_5982 IMG_6002 IMG_6012 IMG_6041 IMG_6072 IMG_6073 IMG_6093 IMG_6116 IMG_6159 IMG_6244  IMG_6266 IMG_6304 IMG_6366I enjoyed Sushma’s collection of styling the woman in colors of bright pinks, blues and the detailing is just beyond anything you could just think. Sushma didn’t just style these ladies hair she sculpted and designed there hair into another work of art. I could see like Selma Hayek in any of the pieces that came down the runway!

6:00pm Pietra Banchi (USA)- Isabel Zapardiez-Bridal Collection (Spain)-

Performances: Singer Sinem Saniye, Cellist: Gjilberta Gelaj and Pianist Julie Coucheron

Pietra-Pizarro a Division of Banchi Designs:

I had the pleasure of meeting these 2 beautiful Designers who came together to create Pietra Banchi. I really loved the pieces they showcased with colors of silver, black, long dresses sculpted with detailed ruffles, caressed with shimmers of sparkles. I also loved the empire waist gown with the silver stud beadings, with chiffon and the gold metallic strapless back dress. Very Haute!:

IMG_6586 IMG_6630 IMG_6660 IMG_6688 IMG_6703   IMG_6740 IMG_6794 IMG_6813 IMG_6819 IMG_6830 IMG_6843 IMG_6867

Our Special Correspondent Najaam Lee is doing such and amazing job and bringing you all great coverage! The next show is Isabel Zapardiez, just to let you all know because our Special Correspondent wouldn’t know is that Isabel Zapardiez, is showing for the first time at Couture Fashion Week. This show should be just as spectacular because they do exceptional Bridal Couture so, get ready to be Wowed!

  IMG_7994 IMG_8009 IMG_8011 IMG_8018 IMG_8048 IMG_8091 IMG_8109 IMG_8120 IMG_8135 IMG_8145 IMG_8149 IMG_8153 IMG_8169

I Loved- LOVED- LOVED her flowing pant style wedding gown that first entered the runway, soft white flowing fabric like the waves of water paired with high jeweled tiara’s (Not just a simple tiara) with strips of panel beadings mixed with lace fabric that hung on each side of the tiara. Each gown had soft inner pockets for hands to slip into and the Music! It was just enchanting for what went down the runway and giving it the added flare of beauty. Only sad thing was at the end of the show Isabel, decided not to come out for her finale bow, she did a magnificent job!!

8:00pm Laura Williams (USA) – BlacMera by Yuliana Candra (USA) – Performances by: Singer Sinem Sniye and Singer Reagan Richards:

Laura Williams, show is about to begin I’m so excited especially coming out of the last show by Isabel! I will try and contain myself until after the show and give you my honest thoughts of the collection here we go:

 IMG_7412 IMG_7428 IMG_7439 IMG_7452 IMG_7460 IMG_7476 IMG_7490 IMG_7501 IMG_7522 IMG_7525  IMG_7563 IMG_7583 IMG_7610This collection for me went off the beaten path, the dress to open this show was a leather short dress in color blocks of brown, white and black. Then a red dress, mustard bolero jacket with skirt, yellow/brown polka dot top paired with leopard boots.. Najaam also stated “I think she had something going with the last outfit, I just described and should have run with it to make a cohesive theme. Sonya LaRae-Editor-in-Chief really felt like this collection missed the mark it didn’t come together and it missed a certain element to just take this to the next level.

BlacMera by Yuliana Candra

We’re at our finale show of the evening and I’m sad that its coming to and end but, I’m excited to see what this Designer is going to offer because,  Sonya LaRae stated that this Designer is one to watch and I have to say I’m very excited to see this collection:

 IMG_7660 IMG_7679 IMG_7717 IMG_7732  IMG_7770 IMG_7793 IMG_7804   IMG_7859    IMG_7942 IMG_7949 IMG_7970

OMG!!! Did you fall out of your chairs?! This is how you close a show I am like screaming inside!! OMG, I died so many times that it wasn’t funny!! Every single piece from Yuliana’s collection brought such an emotion on me and the crowd in the audience that eyes were glistening! The lady next to me was wooing and aahing and uncontrollable laughter to the amazement of her show! The music took you into the realms of the gods and the ocean based on Yuliana’s travels she was inspired by the birds especially the peacocks (Side Note from Editor-in-Chief Sonya LaRae: I found this collection to be very beautiful and loved the details but, I did find some of it not to be so original when you hear of her being inspired by the Peacocks when you had Catalin BoTezatu from a few season before. I found it odd that this would be somewhat the inspiration when he did it so well).

This has been an amazing and spectacular first day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!! Yuliana sits on the throne for the “Best of Show” for the First Day for me Najaam Lee Editor-in-Chief Sonya LaRae: “Best of Show” Isabel Zapardiez, I loved the fabric choices the originality and how she stayed true to her vision and brought an element of Awe and Haute in one fine movement!”


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