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Bonus Coverage of NYFW and CFW F/W12-13

Fashion Week 036

Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Me-ah: Editor

Photos Provided by: V. Mitchell, L. Williams, B. Goldson, A. Vaelizinick

Contributors: M. DeGaines, A. Ramira , N. Lee


Fashion Week comes in like a world wind and it arrives on like level 99 and stays on that track until it departs. The difference with this Fashion Week was it was coming on top of some major shows that we’re apart of due to client(s) that are attending, presenting or nominated.  We’re coming out of the Stellar and ASCAP Awards, SAG and right in the middle of NY Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is the Grammy Awards. The boards are crazy and everyone is pitching for which show they want to cover and then on top of everything else I have another special announcement for everyone and that I’m going to be adding (the music dunt,dunt, Dunne!) a Special Correspondent to cover CFW being that I President/CEO – Editor-in-Chief will not be attending due to two top client(s) attending award shows. Urgggh!! Which in turn means our schedule and schedule board is C.R.A.Z.Y.:

Fashion Board

Finally NYFW get’s underway we have our team in place for the most part of who is where and what is what!! Its time for everyone to just shine and bring us what we are known best for is HOT coverage from the Hottest shows that take place during NYFW aka Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and here is one very brilliant example of what we do best and how we get up close and personal with the amazing Designers of some of the top shows:

Najaam Interviewing Adrian Alicea Strange Fruit

Special Correspondent Najaam Lee of Vedic Image Group captured this broadminded Designer on his new collection that he showed during NYFW!! Keeping in mind that we always want to keep you Fashion Forward we also have a few extra shots that we wanted to share with you as well:

IMG_4682 IMG_4495 IMG_4526Very hot start to everything in NYFW always having something different to offer to all of us who loves all things Fashionable!! Then it was the end of NYFW aka MBFW for all of us here with the attendance of Falguni and Shane Peacock:

IMG_3574 IMG_3367 IMG_3373  IMG_3555 IMG_3562 IMG_3567  That was so awesome so half of the team was off and running now to Milan for Fashion Week which, we will be bringing you coverage from certain Designers from there so don’t forget to come back and check and see who we will be bringing to you!

Our next stop is Couture Fashion Week and this is where it got very touch for all of us here at LaPaz Image/Event Consultants and Lapazimageing Fashion Forward. Why you all maybe asking us? This is because our President/CEO and Editor/Chief, Sonya LaRae attends this fabulous event but, this season due to so many Award shows and clients attending Award shows, she was unable to attend and here is where our very Special Guest and Correspondent Najaam Lee came into the picture!! Najaam came into the picture just beautifully and graciously, Looking outright FABULOUS!!

Najaam brought her years in the industry to covering Couture Fashion Week meeting, greeting and interviewing some of the Top Designers in the industry. Then to make this even more special then it already is; our Fabulous Photographer B. Goldson took the most Ahhmazing pics of top Designer/Extraordinary Andres Aquino’s Two models for a special shoot which we have exclusively here for you!!

IMG_2790 IMG_2683 IMG_2686 IMG_2690 IMG_2694 IMG_2698 IMG_2723 IMG_2726 IMG_2748Totally breathtaking right? I mean to see photos like these are just what its all about when you go to Fashion Week and you can capture something so brilliant and breathtaking. Then we had our moments backstage from hair and makeup and just being in the presence of such artistic individuals brings such energy:

IMG_6481 IMG_6463 IMG_6470  We love that every single year CFW draws the Whose-Who in entertainment and this season was no exception at all. I mean we had the Mob-Wives Carla, who came out and sometimes I think you become a celebrity just by doing nothing but, in this case just by the association of who you keep or came from but, I know this much I love Carla’s personality and as a Stylist I would love to work with any of these ladies to really help build their Signature Style would be so HOT!!  IMG_4516 IMG_4571 IMG_4593 IMG_4695

Couture Fashion Week is just Gorgeous and we all can only say Thank you to the one and only Andres Aquino and his full-staff that pull this off, from lighting, sound, vendors, organizers, makeup artist, models you name it we appreciate all that goes into making this Outstanding event everything that is truly is Couture Fashion Week and totally Haute!!


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