Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 3- MBFW Brings Excitement with Alexander Wang!

Fashion Week 025


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P. Mitchell: Photographer

Article by: Angel Romira

Running to the next show I’m so ready to see this particular Designer because, I love his collection. So excited, OMG on my way into the venue I see Viola Davis you know from the HELP! I was excited to see her but couldn’t take the time to really get a shot of her because I was running behind schedule for the Wang show. Everyone is so ready to come in and and see the show the buzz is crazy:

AW9 AW1Everyone is waiting on bated breath to see what this amazing Designer is going to present, so I couldn’t wait and thought let me go and see what we see backstage to bring you elite coverage:

wang show backstage makeup IMakeup MacI honestly believe that this is going to be a very interesting show and futuristic. Its almost time for the first look to come out and just like I thought it is very futuristic, I have to see if I’m really feeling this look as more of the collection comes out onto the runway I’m still not sure about it I have to give you a look:

AW10 Aw4 Aw5 AW6 AW8 AW9  I’m not overly sure if this collection is really speaking in the way that I thought it would. I find it isn’t overly cohesive and doesn’t fit well. I have to let you see the rest of the collection so this way you can have the finale say:

FINALE WALK AW12 AW15 AW16 AW88 AWR5Well this was another exceptional show not so much my taste but some things would be fabulous to rock. Anyway we’re off and running for another evening and we hope you all have enjoyed our coverage!


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