Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 2-MBFW Off and Running To Another Beat!

Fashion Week 025


Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Me-ah: Editor

D.Robinson-M.Barlow: Photographer

Article by: Angel Romira

Well I’m here at the Cushnie Et Ochns show, which is the first time for us so I’m really looking forward to this show!!  The venue is setup nicely and everyone is starting to file in and take hold of there spot, which you can see they are ready to see a great show:

press I had the chance to go backstage to see how things are in hair and makeup and its really going to kind of simplistic which, is a running theme throughout the events and very natural. I have to say I like this look but, at times I think it needs just a little pop of color and not to look so bland and carbon-copied of each person that comes out prior to your show. I guess we will have to wait and see how the makeup will look with the clothing, but here is your look at the concept of makeup for this runway show:

Makeup2 Makeup1 Okay its time for the show to start everyone is taking their seats and the music different and Boom the first look comes out on the runway and I’m liking this a lot!! I’m really feeling the lines that are very feminine, makes you see the silhouette of a woman’s body and then the touches of masculinity with the puff kind of jacket very nice:

zxaa 7b7855dc-1adc-404a-b1bd-5a112f5cfae7_640x959 cc4 cc56 hh mmkl o0 I know right really sexy and great feeling and direction with this collection. I really like the exposed zips and the cut outs plus the Pops of colors in the collection is great!! I feel personally that this particular Designer may have found their inspiration from Max Azria of BCBG. I say this because of the elements of bondage, the zips and the cut outs but all and all I give this collection 4 out of 5 stars:

Cushnie1 88i 9877 cc1 Cushnie Fabulous way to start off Day 2 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, next stop is Peter Som. Hope you enjoyed our coverage of Cushnie Et Ochns and cannot wait to hear your feedback!!


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