Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 2-Getting Some Fashion with Peter Som!

Fashion Week 025


Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Me-ah: Editor

D.Robinson & N.Williams: Photographers

Article by: Marisol DeGaines

Welcome back to Day 2 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and it is so beautiful to be back for another day. I’m so excited to be at this show, because as some of you all know that last season was my first time to this particulars Designers show and I was really pleasantly surprised so I’m looking forward to seeing what is going to take place this time around.

I’m here at the venue early, so I can get my seat and make sure that I’m placed in good place to see the Peter Som collection. I like the swag bags on our seats and I have to say its a little cold in here; meaning its void of color-the white on white adds no warmth I’ll give you a peak at what I’m looking at:

Peter Som12 Peter somJust a little clinical but, I’m thinking its so it doesn’t take away from the collection. Let’s go backstage and see what we can see before the show and I don’t want to give to much away, because its almost like telling the end of the book when you give to much away:

PSom23 Psom33 PSom1Its crazy so many rushing around putting the final touches on everything, and ladies the shoes are to die for in this collection, it just made me want to snatch like all the shoes and run away with them. Everyone is coming in and taking their seats the photogs are getting setup and ready and it is Showtime!!  The first look comes out on the runway and its this huge fur multi-colored coat, I’m feeling something for it but I’m just not to sure right at this point and then the next look comes out and I’m starting to feel a smile come over my face, I love the rich tones and the silhouettes I’m feeling this collection. I like the true feminine look is here and that you don’t have to wonder is this for a woman or is it for a man, I love the feeling of this collection very cohesive and polished:

PS300989 PS299 PS3309 PS29908 PS200989 This PS300987YThis show proved to be just a total show stopper and that we are so excited to have attend once again Peter Som! Well, this brings our day to a close and we cannot wait until tomorrow, which is going to be full of unique fresh and originality. Have a fabulous night and always remember to stay close:


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