Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Fashion Week 025 

Sonya LaRae: Editor-in-Chief

Me-ah: Editor

L.Wilbrun: Photographer

Article by: Angel Romira

I’m on my way to the Wayne runway show and this is the first time for this Designer so I don’t really know what to tell you all to expect. Running a little behind but, not like late just behind on what I had planned for this evening. We’re all here waiting and ready for the show to start and just waiting for the lights to dim and show to start:

PhotogsI’m going to take a quick look into hair and makeup and see the concept for this Designers show, I’m really excited and cannot wait to know what is going to be the emerging look for the evening. I love the look very simplistic and clean hair is going to be flat ironed and simple pulled back and makeup very clean and eyes with a little detail:

wayne3 wayne2 Great its time for the show to start and the first look comes out and its very simple white dress and I think those are sneakers that the model is wearing so its that kind of runway. I guess its giving me that kind of Matrix feeling with a casual vibe and pops of colors. I like that they are doing something so different from what we see but, in all honesty not sure if I’m feeling this line or not, but you give us your honest feelings and opinions:

wayne99 Final look wayne wayne22 wayne34 wayne45 wayne55This was such and excellent show and we’re off and running to our next stop which will be Nailah Lymus with our Special Correspondent Najaam Lee of the Vedic Image Group, we cannot wait until we see what they will bring stay close to all the action!


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