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Billboard Awards 2011 Recap!

Okay you had to be under a rock or on another planet if you didn’t hear about the 2011 Billboard Awards! I was waiting to see what our favorite artist would be wearing and of coarse they didn’t miss a beat!! We really saw some highs, lows and then not so sure what it was.. The stars came to Vegas in a major way and I have to tell you our top pick of the evening had to be Rihanna, rocking and all white pant suit by Max Azria just so Fashion Forward and Fabulous!


From Rihanna’s red-hair to the shoes this was screaming high fashion!! RiRi didn’t disappoint in anyway what-so-ever!! Then there was Mary J. Blige who also gave us some high fashion for this years Billboard Awards.  She looked really great in a Marc Bouwer gown I have to say I like this gown but, in some ways I felt like it was a little to heavy for this time of year and this event, but all and all I thought she looked stunning. 

mary-j-blige-Marc-BouwerThen there was Ke$ha, I don’t know its like she almost gets it right then she steps so far to the left. We really love her and her music is just great something you can put in your car or on the IPod and just jam to.  I don’t know if we were so much feeling this look or not but it was better than her Trash Can Chic look that she normally rocks, the gown kind of cut her in the wrong places and even made her look a little out of shape.  OH!! Stop for just a second tell us, this did you all hear that she and T-Pain are seeing each other? We are all over this one to see if it is true or not, if you know anything let us know.

Ke$haThen Lady B- hit the red carpet wearing a Lanvin dress, she looked very nice, key word is nice it was a little understated for this Billboard Icon but, we liked the look.  One thing that always sticks out in our mind is, Beyonce has her own label but we never see her make any appearances wearing anything from her line. Hmmmm?

Singer Beyonce poses in the press room at the 2011 Billboard MusBeyonce, never fails though when it comes to her performances!!  You might have been on the fence with regards to her new song “Girls (Who Run this World)” but, after her high-energy, hair throwing military of woman hit the stage, We think she just smashed it and the outfit was another hit in this performance.  We loved all of the graphics and the illusions that she used, that’s right Beyonce let everyone know she is still “Running this Thing”:

Beyonce PerformanceThen Nicki Manaj hit the red carpet in a pale blue and silver jumpsuit and her pink hair.  There is something about this young lady that keeps you interested, we cannot say that she is a fashionista but this time out the box she really looked good and we loved the jumpsuit she was rocking: 

112784580PB087_2011_BillboaWow did anyone see Kelly Rowland former member of Destiny’s Child?  OMG!! She really looked HOT, in her Herve Leger by Max Azria.  Kelly was sporting a more grown and sexy look and her curves where just flawless.  Ms. Rowland really has changed her look since becoming friends with Kim K. and Lala we love the look Kelly very sexy!! 

Kelly Rowland

Now, the next few ladies we had kind of mixed emotions about their looks.  It ranged from not such a flattering silhouette, to playing little Ms. Grown up and we know retro is everything this season but may be not like this. 

First look is Fergie, we normally love what she rocks but, this time around even though its by our favorite Designer Herve Leger, Max Azria we didn’t like the silhouette of this dress on her, we also felt like it made her look like she had no neck or maybe a neck brace:

112784580PB035_2011_Billboa Next up on our list is Selena Gomez, as we stated we thought the gown was beautiful but, on Selena, it seemed just a little bit beyond her and that she was playing dress up.  Your dating the Justin and he is only 17 years old and just turning 17, so for us this wasn’t a look that we would have loved to see you rocking. We give the gown 2 thumbs up but not on you:

112784580JF063_2011_BillboaLastly, is Kari Hilson, we know retro is the great feeling of the season but, its funny we almost didn’t recognize Ms. Kari Baby!! We loved the Canary yellow on her but it was all kind of tone on tone for us, from the blond hair and blah makeup this isn’t a good look.  Another little thing we noticed, we think Kelly Rowland and Kari are rocking the same shoes.. Hmmm! Who’s outfit did they look better with?:112784580PB080_2011_Billboa  

This was our look at the 2011 Billboard Awards Red Carpet, we hope you enjoyed the show and the fashions as much as we did, and we look forward to bringing you more great coverage!! Cannot wait to hear what you all thought and get your feedback!!

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