Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Andres Aquino!!

Okay so this is the closing of closings because it is none other than Produce extraordinaire Andres Aquino!! I say this because he has put together this amazing Week of Couture Fashion and put all these Designer from all of the world on one incredible runway!!  Andres, not only produces this show it is always done for a cause and its bringing attention to the American Diabetes Association and raising so much awareness and money!!  Andres, is always such a grace host to all of us and we just love to see and speak with him and feel his presence!!  His personality is large and his vision for fashion is even larger and he showed us that with his amazing runway show!!  First we see his logo appear on the LCD screen and its rather cool if I may say so myself:

The opening to Andres’s show starts with a lone Saxophonist playing Sweet Lew and he is playing like an old bluesy kind of melody and then we see this beautiful red and gold gown come onto the runway and the model has one of the old time long cigarettes and moving very elegant and grace with a side stride and the music continues to play!  Then another model appears wearing another fabulous creation by Andres, and it is just wonderful and then he also has these beautiful scarves that where provided by Ivelli Couture and it is in such great harmony with all he is presenting.

Next we are presented with these incredible dancers their opening number was a Paso Dob lea and they are really bring this dance to life and feeling of passion is all on the runway and we are loving this entrance into the next part of this collection:

The music changes and now the next half of the collection hits the runway and it jeweled tones and hot and such a flare of perfection and that it is so cohesive and full bodied and just so rich!! The textures and fabric choices are very cleaver and the shoes are just madding and just insane!! I love what he is offering us for the Fall 2011 Couture collection!

The next entertainer comes onto the stage and it is Sarah Elizabeth Charles and she looks beautiful and the black gown is just flattering to her figure and she sounds just wonderful!! this next half is just as moving and breathtaking as the front, middle!! We are getting a full spectrum of elements and the suit for the gentlemen is really tailored well and looks just exquisite:

I love that instead of the models walking the usual “U” shaped runway Andres has them walking a “W” and its really nice because your seeing so many elements and different looks from this collection.  The collection isn’t pieced together at all and it has so much cohesion that its just mind blowing and the feeling is fresh and has real presence and a take notice of me feeling.  I could see any A-list celebrity wearing one of these gowns on the red carpet or presenting an award to someone on the Oscars!! This is how excited and wonderful it is Andres did spare anything during his runway show we was treated to another Dance by the Dancers this time a Tango and then another singer Broadway singer Cristina Fontanelli and then Oprah singer Christine Reber as well as Laura Korpa’s music that played in the background as the models walked!!  This show was the toping on the cake for all of us and it was done with such class, style and elegance!! Loved IT!!

The audience is going insane when Andres Aquino comes out for his finale walk and it is so amazing to see this crowd cheering and just really celebrating this amazing and talented Director, Designer and producer!! What an excellent ending to our second day!!

I want to give you a few bonus shots of some of the great people that we meet after the Andres show: 1st Manila from RuPaul’s Drag Race such a beautiful and amazing person!!

Okay Fabs, this was another amazing and mind blowing day and I’m looking so forward to coming back tomorrow Sunday, February 20th for our finale day at Couture Fashion Week!! We will be presented with Designers from Nigeria that are apart of Focus Nigeria!! I’m looking forward to seeing them and just being back in the Grand Ballroom for more exotic fashions and creations!! WooHoo!! See you all tomorrow!!

We know that you want to see more from all of the Designers that have presented their collections at Couture Fashion Week, so we will be uploading all the photos to our Facebook page LaPaz Image/Event Consultants!!

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