Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 5- Finale Runway Show of Our Schedule- Betsey Johnson

This is the first time for me to come to a Betsey Johnson show, and you can feel the fun, free loving energy within the room!! This is a very different kind of crowd and my outfit may not be what is hot for this show (Guess what, I’m owning it!).. I’m loving the pink logo of Betsey’s name as the back drop of the runway, and her theme of “He Loves Me and He Loves Me Not”!  I see a lot of celebrates are attending this Designers show and they are looking the part! Patricia Fields (Stylist for Sex & The City), Jill and Bobby Zarin (Real Housewives NY), Robert Verdi, Miss Jay, June Ambrose, Mark Indelicato and Rosemary Ponzo (which I love her look) this is just to name a few:

Okay the show is about to start and the music is really great!! The first look is very edgy because it represents the hard core I don’t give a care if he Doesn’t Love me!! This is such a great idea and concept Betsey always knows how to make her mark on a great Fashion Week!!  The whimsical manner in which she designs is very alluring even to those that maybe somewhat structured.. I would defiantly rock this collection for something that would be a break from the norm.. (side note: If I get to come next season for her Show I will be rocking something from her)!  I’d like to give you the some of the “He Loves Me Not” Collection:

I love the floral jumpers and the stockings are just amazing she has really put her own spin on things when it comes to the trends that young, hip and fashion forward fashionistas are looking for the shoes are just ridiculously fun and have a great look!

Now the second half or the collection is ready to come out an its “He Loves ME” just really cleaver way of doing a show and guess what OMG! The models are all replicas of Betsey Johnson and they consist mostly of her staff!! I love it!! This Designer you can see she totally enjoys her job and she doesn’t take herself to serious which is so refreshing and just makes you smile!

You can just tell whatever inhabitations they may have had, just went right off the end of the runway as soon as they emerged!! They are doing there runway walks and striking such fabulous and fierce poises at the end of the runway!!  There isn’t anyone here that isn’t having a great celebration and loving all things that have been give the Betseyism shot!!


In her true to self form Betsey Johnson came out danced on the runway, got her good friend Patricia Fields (such and odd woman) to come and dance on the runway with her and then took her Bow (aka) her famous Cartwheel!!

Betsey Johnson is just full of life, enjoyment, creativity and pure excitement, and I’m thrilled to have been able to cover this amazing show, and to give you all the great energy that it offered to us!  Well our Fabulous readers, followers and fans we are closing out yet another great day at Fashion Week and we look forward to seeing you all again bright and early tomorrow!

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