Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1-Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Kosta S

We’re back and everyone is seated with bated breath to see what Kosta S is going to bring us in Outerwear!!  The show is about to start and Oprah singer Cristina Fontanelli makes another appearance and she sings the Celine Dion hit “My Heart Goes On,”  Very nice rendition.  We are ready to see the collection and we see the Designers logo come up on the LCD screen:

We get our first look at the collection and it is this amazing fur coat, so lush and the detailing is wonderful!  I think we all know from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and now Couture Fashion Week that fur is the must have for the up-coming season.  I never thought you could have such clean detailing when it comes to outerwear, meaning the scalloping and the little details of the tassels, the hidden closer hooks and just the flow of the jackets and coats are amazing!!  I love how Kosta S is using such a wide range of colors in the selections from a very deep and rich chocolate, milk chocolate, honey and almost black.. Kind of sounds like I’m describing candy at first but, this is just how yummy and supple the coats are.  I want to give you the Kosta S Collection in all of its grandeur:

You can also tell that the models are feeling so glamorous in these exquisite furs because, they are owning the runway and delivering such great attitude to carry this line.  Not only did Designer Kosta S do beautiful fur coats, jackets for the ladies he also gave our gentlemen something to be loved in and the male models really look so masculine in the coats (doesn’t hurt that they where bare chest). 

I have to say I thought this collection was great and, to be able to pull a full line of fur coats and not have them all look alike was just brilliant!!  I’m very excited to give you Designer Kosta S:

Okay, well we have a break between the next show at 6:00pm where we will see Kristin Zimmermann (Germany) and Haya Al Houti (Kuwait).  Stay close to all of the action and be apart of the Hottest Spot on the Internet!!

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