Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Haya Al Houti

The next Designers show is starting and the music is kind of Latin infused with a little Middle Eastern sound!!  The Designers logo appears on the LCD screen and its so mystical with the eyes of a cat and then the Designers name, I love it and I’m really ready to see the first look!!  

The music is making you excited and then the first look hits the runway and my GOD!! It was so worth the wait because this gown that comes out is everything plus some!!  I mean the bodice is jeweled and its kind of soft orange color but, then as you look at the details of the garment it looks kind of like leaves or maybe scales on like a mermaids' tail and the sheer bottom is just purely exquisite!!  I’m loving the makeup and hair, the hair is in this very high bouffant, and the eye makeup is very dramatic and then the girls have this kind of headband on that makes you really take notice of them!!  I have to let you all see what is coming onto the runway its such an amazing collection!!

I think everyone in the Grand Ballroom is awe struck over this Designer and it just keeps getting better!! The next few pieces are so different because the Designer has taken the fabric and made these intercut folds, like deep pleats and then the gown kind of fishtailed at the bottom just so different! We got a spectrum of things in this collection but they all where very much in harmony with each other, from the paisley lace fabrics to the gloves and the colors are rich and somewhat giving you the feeling of that old Hollywood GLAM!! 

Just when we thought we saw the last of Designer Haya Al Houti’s collection then the music makes this very dramatic change and the runway is quite then what happens!! This amazing wedding gown comes out that is so different and the crowed is just awe struck by the details and one thing I noticed is that there are like little feathers almost like plumage and just the way the gown is cut is just so Fashion Forward and just as you thought that was it!! NOPE, the bridal gowns of bridal gowns comes out and its the jewel encrusted bandage dress and the model is really bring the energy and attitude to carry this look!! I’m so excited right now that I could jump out my seat and just start screaming BRAVA!!!!

From beginning to the end of this Designers runway show we where just wowed with such amazing and intricate looks and then the small things you notice as the models take their finale walk, such as the one gown that is like jewels running up the gown are really serpents cobras as a matter of fact!! Designer Haya Al Houti gave us drama, elegance, glamour and just so much more!! I pleases me to give you Designer Extraordinaire Haya Al Houti:

Everyone is so energized off of this collection that they just are buzzing and just high from what they just saw!! There is going to be a brief intermission to set-up for the 8:00pm show, which will show Sisa Designed by Simone Rodrigues (Brazil/US) and Hadi Katra (Lebanon).  Don’t go anywhere because these last two Designers are going to bring this great day to a magnificent closing!!

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