Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 4- Fifth Runway Show of Our Schedule- Diane Von Furstenberg

I’m very excited to be covering this runway show because, my mother has been a fan and a wearer of DVF from way back!! I happen to love her myself and have on one of her wrap dresses today and I borrowed S. LaRae’s vintage sunglasses!!  I have to tell you its time for the show to start and the first look is just the classic DVF style and its just perfection!! This woman can do no wrong when you think of DVF you think class, sophistication, elegance and so many other words come to mind! I must let you see what I’m just falling in love with:

The colors are very bold that she has selected and the touches of sequins and the slits give you kind of the Hollywood glam not anything that you have seen.  I feel that the retro styling is just so well stated in this collection!! Cohesive, Cohesive, COHESIVE is what I can tell you!! the concepts and the fluidity of the fabrics is celebrating every thing that is woman and sexuality!! Diane Von Furstenberg, has out done herself once again in my eyes!!

I’m so grateful that I was able to see this collection and I cannot stop gushing over her! Its so sad that as soon as the show was over I called my mother to just celebrate this line with her and give her blow by blow details!  What more can I say other than I would like to present you Designer Extraordinary (in my humble opinion) Diane Von Furstenberg!!

Don’t go anywhere we will be right back from the Custo Barcelona runway show!

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