Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 4- Sixth Runway Show of Our Schedule- Custo Barcelona

I was cleaver for this show I got here a little bit before 7:30 so, this way I don’t have long to wait.  They are removing the plastic from the runway and just waiting for the first look!! The music is hot Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” they have an amazing light show on the runway with like different colored circles on the floor, I just hope the runway show and collection is just as great as the introduction!!  Loving the LCD screen with the hearts as the back drop to the runway!! Okay the first look comes out and its these great like metallic leggings and the model just looks fierce!!

Okay so what happened from the first look to this look?  I’m so sorry but why would a Designer have something like this who is going to wear it?  This poor model looks like a clown.. You tell me what you think:

This Designer loves pattern on pattern and there isn’t anything wrong with that but, I just don’t think I getting the vision or the feeling of this line.  it has some major lows and a few highs like the textured tights and the different kinds of shoes and the fringed boots aren’t that bad either.  Then its the ultra, ultra tight skinny legged pants for the men and some of the fabric choices just don’t seem to compliment the line.  I would like to present to you the Fall/Winter collection of Designer Custo Barcelona:

This collection was more concept than wearable in my eyes and only persons I could see wearing something like this would be the guy’s from the Black Eye Peas because they are very futuristic and have a vision that takes you beyond the norm.  With this being stated we introduce you to Designer Custo Barcelona:

Please stick around we have one more show to attend and it is none other than Tommy Hilfiger!! You know we are about to see just a very beautiful and cohesive collection from Tommy because he has also collaborated with Designer Peter Som for the 3rd time!

See you all very soon!!

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