Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- House of Farrah

The last Designer from Focus Nigeria is about to show and thus far each and every Designer from this group has really brought there A-game!! No flat lines or what where they thinking all the collections where just spot on and so cohesive!  The start with the music and I’m feeling this must be a singer from there area because I don’t know the song loving it though! The LCD screen presents us the Designers Logo!

Oh wow!! I’m loving our first look its this really sassy and cute asymmetrical dress with this great detailing at the bottom like almost hand painted but like a tribal band that you would see tattooed on someone’s arm! I love this concept and feeling giving such a great elegance to this line and with the shorter front it will highlight those gorgeous legs and skim nicely over the backside.. Great Concept!!

I love the flow of the fabric because its really holding the shape and its not stiff at all but well crafted! STOP PLAYING WITH US!! You should see this gown that just came onto the runway and the same tribal pattern but, its a tulip dress taken to the next level!!  I love this Designer and the very feminine quality to the collection is nice gives you the feeling of that Hollywood Glam, Society Social Light and just going to a wonderful black tie affair… I must have one of these in my collection of gowns!!

The variations in the colors and styles are flowing just like water and its free!! I mean in all honesty this Designer is bringing so many elements to this collection that is really breathtaking!  I love how she has done the appliqu├ęs on the jackets and blouses they are hand sown and the jeweled details from the belts and the little elements that are piped into the fabrics are just magnificent!! I must go and take in a Fashion Week in Africa now, cause if they are bringing this kind of High Fashion imagine what else is being produced!! I love each and everyone of these Designers!!

Brava!! BRAVA!! is all that can be stated, once this runway show is over we have a small intermission and I will be making my way over to the Producer and Director of the Focus Nigeria group to tell him how impressed and moved I am from his Designers!! They are FABULOUS with all caps!! LOVE THEM!!

Here is our footage after the show as a Bonus to all of you!!

We will be right back From the Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom in just a moment don’t go anywhere because you don’t want to miss all of the fabulousness!

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