Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Opening

Day 2 of Couture Fashion Week is today and I woke up this morning feeling very tired.  I guess really coming right in from MBFW to CFW is starting to catch up with me and, something is wrong with my computer so, guess what I will have to do is, wait to get back to my office.. Why!!?? Anyway, let me tell you all what I’m going to be rocking for day 2. I’m very excited because I’m wearing new Designer Yolanda Agnew’s collection and it is truly amazing and beautiful!!  The pants are kind of like herm styled (brown), with the long tunic top, Brown Carlos Santana shoes, Brown Mark pocketbook and beautiful sun burst earrings and necklace collection!! Loving my look!!

We’re on our way back to the Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom, for day two of Couture Fashion Week.  As I’m sitting in the cab, I just was going over my notes and it just amazed me how incredible the show truly is!!  We’re getting into position and being that we got here a little earlier today we have an excellent spot.  The ballroom is kind of quiet except for this tall and ever so amazing runway coach, that is strutting his stuff and getting these models to bring out there inner fierce and fabulous Diva catwalk!!  He is killing it and doing it all in a 41/2-5 inch stiletto (side note: Ms. Jay, has nothing on him and he is just too handsome for words!) He can hit the best poses and grab the light and he is rocking jeans and making them look so good!! I have got to introduce you to this Fabulous, sexy and amazing runway coach!! His name is Michael Masoi of The Michael Masoi Agency (

Right I know!! You just had to see and meet him to feel his energy and personality!! Michael is such a professional at what he does and he really helped these ladies be the best and look their best!! Wait till the end of this event that is my tease to all of you!!  Now onto the show!!

The guest are starting to arrive and some are looking rather fabulous and other not so much but they all have the attitude, and that is what is so important!!  I love to see when the audience starts to filter in because, the dynamics of the room changes in like 2.3 seconds and it becomes this huge buzz!!  As we are waiting for the first runway show to begin I could not help but notice this FABULOUS Couple that walked in I mean they are killing it with there look!! They both look a little eccentric but, very fashion forward and styled to the nines!! I have got to let you meet David and Margaret:

I tell you I just love this job and meeting great people!! I also met the young lady from Cut Off the VH1 reality TV show.  I have to say, in speaking and interviewing Shakyra LaShae you really get to see this young lady is not at all this spoiled, privileged type of mean spirited person.  She is very intelligent and has so much going for herself she is a model, spokes person and TV air personality that has her own money, mind and determination to be a powerful young woman and not apologizing for it!!  I thought she was just beautiful and sweet and I wanted to introduce all of you to Shakyra LaShae.  You can visit ( to find out more about her or to book her for your upcoming event(s):

I guess it is about that time for the show to begin!! I’m really excited to see what we are going to be awe struck with today, and who will just really take our breath-away. The lights dim and its Singer Angeles Dominguez (she was the beautiful singer from last year that got caught lip singing).  She looks amazing in this beautiful white gown and delivered a nice performance but, it wasn’t live but it was very good!!


I think the Designers timing is off because Angeles, has ended her performance and nothing is coming out on the runway and the Designers Logo is on the LCD Screen:

 The music starts and it has this kind of tribal and enchanted feeling to it, an the first look comes out on the runway and let me tell you it was sooo worth the wait!! Its just breathtaking, its a Fishtailed gown with the beautiful detailing and coloring.  I mean it gives you the romantic feeling of the 1920’s when woman would wear these types of amazing gowns and just really knew what it was to be a social light!! This Designer has caught that era and revitalized it!!  I know you want to see it but I’m going to make you wait a little bit longer because the second look hit the runway and it is simply gorgeous!! This very iridescent fabric and jewels that are clearly placing all of us in a trance!!


Jamil Khansa is really giving us such a cohesive, romantic, sensual and amazing textures and details though this whole collection.  He is giving jewels, sparkle and appliqués, bows, florals, lace, velvet and so much more!! I’m just so excited right now that it is bringing tears to my eyes, because he is capturing the true nature of glamour and beauty!!  I love the jeweled coral pattern on several of the gowns and then the small intricate detailing on the straps just little things that your eye falls on and just blows your mind!! I can see so many of these pieces on the Red carpet and Oscar bound that any starlet would give anything to wear something so uniquely themselves and just truly a fine work of art!!

I loved every single element to this Designers collection! The well placed fabric down the back of this red lace gown, that you wouldn’t see the models butt crack but you saw the sexy silhouette of her backside but, nothing vulgar or lude..  This Designer really new his bailiwick very well and took his knowledge to the next level!! I loved the exaggerated gate he had the models doing, very slow like walking thru the music not to the beat or time, such a great mind! Then to the very simplistic chignon that was pulled low and to the side, to the very natural makeup.. Just a magnificent collection!! Now I see why we need an intermission!!

Don’t go to far from all the action we will be right back for Designers Suzie Turner and Nina Gleyzer! More of the photos will be posted to our Facebook account under LaPaz Image/Event Consultants!!

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