Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Janerations

The show is beginning and its very dramatic the lights are changing colors and the music is pumping and then the Designers Logo appears on the LCD Screen!! With an intro like this I’m so ready to see the first look!

The first look comes out on the runway and first things first I’m loving the models look!! I love the blown-out like 80’s-90’s hair and the very glam makeup, great look and then you see the clothing its the beautiful white crochet blouse and shorts and these killer boots!! Hot off the runways of Europe that is what this reminds me of!! I love crocheted items I did a full-article on this a matter of months ago so to see this Designer really bringing Couture to this is just amazing!! Fur on a crochet pocketbook stop playing this is just fabulous and a must have in any Fashionistas wardrobe!! You have got to see some of the things we are being wowed with your going to love them!!

As you look at this Designers collection you notice the small details, like the hand painted boots that are just something I would love to rock!! This look is so hot that its not even funny!! I like how she had worked with mohair and beading, the hooded sweaters are very chic and have a great look for day or evening.. Its not so sweater-ish that you feel like you can just run around in Uggs and Leggings its very high end and I love the shape of the sweaters and the vest that have fur are tailored just so.. Giving such great definition for the curvature of the body!! PERFECTION SIMPLE PERFECTION!!

We’re ready to see the last Designer of this segment and its going to be Designer Lourdes Libman!  This has been such an amazing day of High fashion and just pure spectacular, awe inspired, creative Designers!! Loving this day, don’t go to far because our next show is starting soon!

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Article by: S. LaRae- Style/Fashion Reporter

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