Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 2- Our Third Show on Our Schedule- Rebecca Taylor

Okay I went from being on time to running behind and knowing me this runway show will start on time!! Urrggh!! We are here and thank goodness the theme is still holding so true the 30min mark is the key! They are removing the plastic off the runway which by the way you all maybe wondering why the runway is covered.. The runway so many walk across to get to there seats and they don’t want dirt and any water to be on the runway this way it keeps it clean.  The lights drop the music changes and I have to say I like the selection of music this Designer has selected for her runway show. The first look comes out and it is just beautiful, not only has Rebecca Taylor designed a great collection but, it is something very wearable.  Meaning you have many Designers that give you conceptual pieces that you really don’t know where or who could wear them but, her collection is something you could and can incorporate into your daily life.. Very nice!!

I love the idea and concept of the sheer pants with the long tunic tops, the grey cashmere sweaters and the cobalt blue skirt its so fresh and so now and trendy.  I don’t think she is following anyone else’s game plan she is truly playing by her own rules and she is not taking NO for an answer! 

Backstage we also so Actress Michelle Tractenberg of Gossip Girl, with Designer Rebecca Taylor and also rocking some of her wonderful pieces as well! Umm a bird says that they are working on a line but nothing has been confirmed on this end yet we will keep you posted if we hear anything regarding this joint venture!

Well I’m off and running to my next show but if you stick around, you will see our coverage from Costello Toglipietra’s runway show! 


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