Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 1-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week !!

Okay its the first day of Fashion Week and I’m up early having my coffee getting the schedule pulled together and feeling energized for another great season of highs and lows!  Its really a very brisk morning out such a far cry from September, but right now I need a real fix of fashion with how this winter has turned out to be.  For myself and my team we decided to divide and concur our first day, the schedule looks a little something like this for us:


12:00pm-Vena Cava (first time seeing their collection)

3:00pm- Luca Luca

6:00pm- Wayne Lee (just for those that didn’t know this is a female)

7:00pm- Christian Siriano

I’m headed over to the Lincoln Center to get myself settled in for the BCBG show and looking forward to seeing what they will wow us with. I’m rocking a vintage Mink, D&G Pocketbook, D&G Sunglasses, Picasso scarf by “The Vintage Scarf”, BCBG Black Leggings, Peacock top and BCBG boots! Loving my look and feeling rather fierce if I may say so myself!! 


You know I’m really looking forward to this show because in September, as I told you I felt BCBG fell a little short.  Anyway, I have arrived and needless to say with a show time of 10am there isn’t many people here yet, I find my location and get my Photographer in place and we are ready (side note: its now 10:15am and no show)!  Finally the show is ready to start a full 35min later than it was suppose to, the first look hits the runway and okay it nice kind of safe, I hope this isn’t what we have to look forward to.  Not sure if I like the ultra sheer turtlenecks under the clothing but, its very different.  Here is your first look at what we are seeing:

I love the fabric choices but it is ultra sheer and very see thru.. The shoes that he has paired with this collection are just beautiful (major fan of his shoes) and the hair and makeup are somewhat simplistic and I like it a lot!  BCBGMaxAzria has played it safe yet once again but, I really like the flow of this collection and the feeling that he gave so for me this was a good show:

Well, this was a great start to our FW and we are looking forward to heading over to the Vena Cava Show and to bring you more great coverage!  Don’t go anywhere we will be right back with more fashion and great runway coverage!


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