Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC-Intermission

We are having a great second day that opening was just wonderful and I had to see what the audience thought or felt. 

Kelly Middlen of Canada- I’m so grateful that my friends family invited me to attend I thought this was truly amazing and so different.  I loved each piece that came onto the runway and would love to have several of them in my closet!

P. Williams of New Jersey- Elegance is all I can say just pure elegance!!

I think everyone is just buzzing around over this collection and I thought this would be a great time to go around and see what vendors are here and what are they offering!  We see that Dr. Minerals is back doing all the makeup once again and I have had the great pleasure of trying the products and love them!

Next booth we stopped at is up and coming Designer Debra Caldwell and Bruce Gregg for Zebra Collection which is based in the Florida area.  There collection is on the higher end but its very well crafted and the pocketbooks and sneakers are just insanely different.  We could have been really drawn into them due to the pattern but basically they are beautiful!

Next booth is Ireland Galleries and they have such unique things like this mannequin that is made out of shells and has draws.  I just had to take a photo with this because it is so creative!!

Ivelli Couture was also there with such amazing and beautiful scarves.  We where also told by the representatives that where there, that Andres is going to use them in his runway show and we are excited to see how he will incorporate these beautiful scarves into his collection!

Then we ran into Jewelry Designer Laura J. Coleman of Turtle Neck Jewelry and it was nice to see her here this year with her own collection.  Her collection is of beautiful stones and gems and we just loved all of the pieces!

There where so many Vendor this year that we could not get to them all but we would like to mention one major vendor and sponsor through this whole event. The American Diabetes Association!  This organization held a silent auction and was raising money for the education and care of individuals that have been diagnosed with Diabetes.  I found myself being very drawn to it because, in 2005 I almost lost my own mother to this disease without any warning and she was not even symptomatic.  I have been so grateful to the American Diabetes Association for all the education and support that they have give to my mother as well as myself.  Everyday 100’s of people are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and those that have Juvenile Diabetes live with having to take up to 3 dosages of insulin per day or more.  Please support you local chapter by giving a donation because we all know someone that has Diabetes and its the top killer to date.

Its time for us to make our way back to the Grand Ballroom and I’m excited to see the next two Designers Suzie Turner (U.K./USA) and Nina Gleyzer (Russia/US)!  Come on lets head back in!

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