Thursday, February 17, 2011

D 7- Finale Runway Show of our Schedule- Anna Sui

We’re at our last runway show of the day and it is Anna Sui.  This is going to be a great show, there are so many celebrities here I see Fergie who looks fabulous, Vanessa Hudgens (sitting by Fergie), Sofia Coppola, Karen Elson, Sarah Sophie Flicker and the Wonder Girls that just to name a few!

I love the runway it looks like a quaint little boutique for Anna Sui’s collection really cute! The energy is very high everyone is chit-chatting and I’m loving that so many are wearing Anna Sui’s clothing.  I also noticed through out Fashion Week, that so many people have their teenage daughters and younger at the runway shows, kind of training them early on how to be a Fashionista!! I will be so happy once the show starts because I hate the music during the pre-show, and I hope this isn’t the music the girls are going to walk to.  Okay they are removing the plastic from the runway and people are like sitting on the end of their seats!!  Lights are down and then they (the lights) start to come up and you see like six girls standing at the beginning of the runway and then the greatest song comes on and it is C-Lo Green!! “Bright, Lights, Bigger City”!! I love this song and just was saying I needed it as a ring tone!!  Oh her collection is very whimsical, light and flirty and very playful!

Now mind you I just told you this collection is flirty and fun, I don’t think the model (the one in the middle) in the photo above got the memo, because she not only looks like a boy she acts and walks just like a boy.. I don’t get it and even later in the show it was the same look and feeling.. Anyway I digress..Back to the collection!  I love the patterns, bold colors, metallic's very nice mix.  I love the stockings and socks they have such an amazing design to them, and being that I love stockings/socks (such a weakness amongst others) that have designs or patterns this was really on the top of my list!!

I know seriously loving them!! Then the details of the butterflies as you know Anna loves butterflies and dragonflies so, when you would see some of the dresses it gave the impression of like the wings of a butterfly or dragonfly so very cleaver! Oh stop the presses you should see these hats!! Fur and major fabulousness! Now this is so cute because one is like a kitty cat (has ears and whiskers) which I would so love to rock on a weekend just going to the market and chilling with my family!  I could see why so many young hip and really chic woman would rock this look, its like a following almost like Hello Kitty, once you purchase one Hello Kitty you must have another and once you see an Anna Sui runway show you must come again and also just purchase the looks!!  Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson are both cut from the same kind of cloth, meaning, they both are on the same page of enjoy, be free and express yourself!

I could even feel the age of like flower power in this collection kind of like the Brady Bunch meets the 21st century and gets really cool clothing! Anna, gave a very clean and cohesive line, mixing textures and patterns without it looking like a zoo.. This collection is another one of my unexpected favorites and I would love to present you with Designer Anna Sui’s Fall 2011 Mercedes Benz Runway Collection:

This was a great show and I loved every piece that came out and would definitely love to own a few things that I saw!  In the words of a young lady I meet earlier in the week during fashion week, I would give this collection 9 stilettos out of 10!!Before we leave off for another amazing day we would like to introduce you to Designer Anna Sui!!

We hope you all have enjoyed this collection as much as we did and we look forward to bring you our last runway show tomorrow for a great closing to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011!  Don’t forget that even though MBFW is ending we are still on the move to our next great coverage, which is Couture Fashion Week!! We have exclusive backstage coverage and great photos!! Don’t miss out on all the Fabulousness on the Hottest Spot on the Internet!

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