Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 5- Third Runway Show of Our Schedule- Carlos Miele

I’m here at the Carlos Miele show an I’m really excited to see this Designer. The venue has such a great ambiance due to LCD being such a great shade and the runway is red carpet which gives a little romantic feeling to it.  I just remembered today is Valentines day so, I guess it is rather fitting to have things somewhat illuminated to give that feeling!!  Sitting just about 5 seats away from me is Actor Mark Indelicato (Ugly Betty), I just love him and his style is so spot on!  Let me see who else is here Designer Esther Nash (such a quirky outfit), Carlos Sousa and Meredith Meling Burke of Vogue Magazine.  Okay it is about to start they are pulling up the plastic such a great sound!!  Lights deem and the music comes on which is very nice and our first look! OH MY WORD!! Bananas!! White paints and blouse with like a fur cape!! SICK!!

I told you, it is beautiful, this collection is so different and giving very hip and modern feeling to this retro kind of styling, it so works.  Carlos Miele is a pure genius when it come to his conception of this line! I love the jump suits and transitions between looks are just spot on!! Loving how he has draped the fabrics and the everlasting scarves are such a hot element once again for another season!!

I love that they are giving us fur (faux, don’t panic and call PETA) for this coming season as well!! You cannot believe the fur little jackets and vest, its such a great look and then the gowns are to die for, because they have very subtle touches in them that makes you think like the fabric that is flowing from the side like this green gown with the azure blue bleeding from the side is just incredible!! Thank you for allowing me to come to this show this has got to be such a wow moment for me!!

Ridiculous is the word for this collection!! Carlos Miele, has just dropped so much on us that my head just exploded!! LOL!! Then I love the detailing of like the Celtic knotting on the dresses and the shoulder detailing is beautiful this is the one area on any woman that looks great!! Oh I so love this velvet ruched gown very nice element! This collection was very well put together and the time and details you can see he placed in every piece! This collection had dynamic presence and appeal to it!!

Allow me to introduce you to Designer Carlos Miele:

Here are a few photos of the whose-who that sat on the front row of Designer Carlos Miele’s Fall/Winter Runway show:


Great show loved it!! Don’t go anywhere we are off and running to the Tracy Reese show!  Stay with the Hottest Spot on the Internet!

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