Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 1- Third Runway Show of Our Schedule- Luca Luca

I had a little down time from my last show of BCBG to Luca Luca, I went and grabbed some lunch reviewed my notes and waited to hear from my other Reporter from the Vena Cava show and let’s just say I hope that we are going to be wowed by Luca Luca!  I’m off and running to make it there for a 3pm showing and I hope the running theme with Fashion Week this year isn’t let me see how late I can start my show!

I’m poised and ready; you can feel the energy in the room where everyone is just ready to take in Luca Luca’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection! Let’s take a look around the room and see who is here oh I see Model Irina Pantaeva and Tinsley Mortimer who is wearing a Luca Luca dress just beautiful:

It is time for the show to start and I like the music that Luca Luca has selected for his runway show! I’m really looking forward to seeing the first look and out it comes and let me tell you it is just beautiful the hair the makeup the shoes (which had just arrived today not much before the show).. I mean he is just wowing us with one look after the other the theme is very cohesive and carried through and you can see he is celebrating the fall season with the rich tones and the detailing!! I’m just excited to see Luca Luca has killed his runway show!! I cannot wait for you all to see his collection are you ready? I really don’t think you are, take a deep breath and we give you Luca Luca!!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am from this show!! I have to say there was not one look that came out onto that runway that wasn’t just breathtaking and elegant and gave such a great salute for any woman’s body, he just gave the word feminine a whole other definition!   Luca Luca you have really brought out the best of the best for us!!


Don’t go anywhere because we are going to go over to the Wayne Lee runway show and you don’t want to miss one second of our coverage!

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