Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 5- Second Runway Show of Our Schedule- Carolina Herrera

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to see Carolina Herrera’s Fall/Winter Collection!!  She is such an amazing and elegant Designer I love her clothing, I don’t care how long I have to wait for this show I’m so not complaining.  Okay let me see who I’m noticing sitting front row? Gabrielle Union (beautiful yellow CH dress), Anna Wintour and Grace, Christina Hendrix, CeCe Cord, Fran Lebowitz (which I hope we get shots of today). Okay they are removing the plastic from the runway, such an excited feeling just rushed through me!! OMG I am loving the first look on the runway grey belted dress and are those sleeves? Nope, they are gloves and so unique, which adds a whole other element to the collection!! I am falling in love all over with Carolina Herrera!! This line for Fall/Winter 2011 is breathtaking, Jaw dropping pure speechlessness!

You have to just excuse me because I’m am so moved by this collection, it is just so Chic and such great detailing and the fabric choices that have been selected is just beauty allowing the fabric to move with such grace gliding down the runway!!  I’m loving the fur cuffs on the sleeves, the detailed folds on the dresses, the hologram type fabrics that have such a different kind of look the coats that are to die for!! There has not been one thing that has come onto the runway that you don’t hear the audience just take a breath or just gasp in awe!!

Just when I thought it could not get any better she sends out the gowns and in true fashion of Carolina Herrera Style they are just amazing!! The iridescent kind of fabric is great and the colors OMG!! This teal and like an iridescent gown is just a show stopper I must show it to you!!

I know right magnificent!! Is all you could say and wait for it I’m going to give you the rest of the collection in a minute!! I must tease you just as she did to us!  This line is just pure perfection, conservative but gorgeous!! I see so many of her gowns are going to be gracing the Oscars!!  Get ready stylist because you are going to have to pull a Harry Whodini to nab one of these gowns for your clients trust me on this!!

I must say I have enjoyed every moment of this show and cannot begin to relay to you the splendor that just engulfed this entire room it was just pure excitement from beginning to end!!  I need to let you applaud the amazing, classy and ever so talented Designer Ms. Carolina Herrera!!

Front row at the Carolina Herrera runway show!

Okay I have to try and calm myself down so I can attend the next show!! I mean in all honesty she has really done it again with this collection!!  Next stop Carlos Miele’s Runway show!!  You must stick around!!

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