Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Intermission

During the first intermission we went over to the far side of the venue to visit with good friend and Jewelry Designer Alejandra of Alejandra in Design ( Her new collection is really beautiful and she has new pieces called out of India which is just breathtaking! The Designer tells us that she is also partnering with Jewelry Designer Mary from Florida and they will be bringing a Bohemian styled collection. 

I was very excited to see Alejandra, because not only is she such a great Designer, she is also such a good friend.  Alejandra gave me a beautiful pearl and ruby bracelet that I wear almost every day, I wanted to present her with a beautiful gift from “The Vintage Scarf” (  I have to say I was truly excited to present this gift to her because I know how much she loves scarves and that this particular design would be just perfect for her:

I had the pleasure of speaking with several of the audience members to see what they thought and felt about the first two shows: 

Kelly Marrickson of New Brunswick, NY- I couldn’t believe how amazing Sushma Patel’s collection was it just really took my breath away and I just would love to wear one of her gowns to something fabulous!

Max Goodman of Vermont- I loved the fur coats and that it was just beautiful and I loved the different edges on the coats and that he gave different shapes and textures in the collection that was just so magnificent!

We are about to go back into the venue for the 6:00pm showing of Kristin Zimmermann and Haya Al Houti! 

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