Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 1- Second Runway Show of Our Schedule-Vena Cava

This is the first time for us seeing this particular Designers’ show.  Just to give you a little back information on them Vena Cava is created by, Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock who met in California when they where only 17 years old.  They both graduated from Parson and in 2003 they launched there clothing line Vena Cava.  Okay so I’m hear and I have to say the music is really just glaring forget just being loud it is just blasting us that you cannot have a conversation with the person on the side of you.  So while we wait I noticed that they have placed this magazine for our enjoyment and they have had their friends kind of spoof it.. Rather cute! Then I notice at the feet of the Editors a swag bag and as they opened it, the bag held some rather odd gifts: Toothbrush, Toothpaste and loads of Condoms.. Yes you read that correctly if this is any indication of the show we are in for something. 


Sophia and Lisa have decided to have their show be fashionably late I guess because we have a time of 12pm and the show is just starting at 12:40pm!  The lights go down and out comes the first look, and its kind of odd just like the gift bag.  Its this long kind of like tube dress that has sleeves, the model is wearing a beret and the ugliest shoes you could think of! Oh my I won’t keep you waiting to see the introduction to this collection:

I know that these ladies are celebrating the glam of the 90’s but for me it is missing the mark in a major way.  I mean from the look of the models that are kind of looking like the walking dead with the extreme eye makeup and the lack of color is not saying much for me!  I thought okay its the first look and it would get better nope it didn’t and I was very disappointed:

I hope this isn’t going to be how the rest of the day is going to be.  Stay close for more of our coverage next show is Luca Luca!

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