Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 1-Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to be back for another great year, here at the beautiful Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue!  This venue holds everything that you think of when you say Couture Fashion! The spectacular chandeliers, the plush carpeting and the opulent Grand Ballroom!!  I’m very excited over being able to bring you all such amazing coverage from Dynamic Designers!!  My look for today is somewhat low key being that it is our first day and we are just going to climax into greatness!  I’m wearing a little back Satin Dress by Monique Lhullier and Jacket by Monique Lhullier, black Steve Madden shoes, Sliver hammered jewelry by Silver connections, Ralph Lauren Sunglasses! Walking the Red Carpet is always something to be excited over!!

As you look around the venue you can see some of the major changes that have taken place from last season when we was here in September 2010.  The seating is set-up differently and also the way that the press is seated is very different.  The vendors are kind of spread out more and they have a live performance room on the other side of the Grand Ballroom and some really amazing talent performed.  The first Artist that we have the pleasure of meeting is Lydia Caesar (www.lydiacaesarmusic.com).  This young lady has such an amazing personality and presence. I’m really looking forward to hearing her sing, and let me tell you she didn’t disappoint in anyway what so ever!!  This small Diva has a voice that is so rich and just full-bodied that it kind of amazes you because she is so petite.  The audience was really feeling her performance and look!

Its time to make our way into the Grand Ballroom for the first show and I have to tell you I’m very excited to see this first Designer because, I’m hearing great buzz about her collection! You can feel the excitement of the audience as they start to be ushered in and seated!! I think this is the best part for me, because my adrenaline starts to really pick up in anticipation of what we are about to see!!  Okay it is show time and the lights dim and then this woman walks out onto the stage and starts to sing this beautiful operatic song and just sets the mood for the Designer. The singer is Cristina Fontanelli International Recording Artist (www.CristinaFontanelli.com).

Everyone is ready to see Designer Sushma Patel (India/USA) and we see her logo come up on the large LCD screen:

I have the pleasure of being seated next to this amazing Designers family during her runway show and they are such a loving and wonderful family!!  Okay so the show begins and the music is very dramatic and just gives this feeling that we are about to experience something great!! The first look hit the runway and it is just pure gorgeousness!!  This very rich colored blue and the jewels that encrusted into the gown is pure amazement!! You hear the audience gasp with excitement as other pieces from the collection come onto the runway, and I mean Sushma Patel is taking us through the spectrum of jewel tones and the detailing of the collection is something that you only can see at Couture Fashion Week!!  I have got to let you all see what we are seeing you are about to have your mind just blown away!!

I know right!! Incredible that someone could think of something so elegant and beautiful!!  I love that she has opted for a very simplistic approach on the makeup with the very Avant-garde hair style!  The fabric that Sushma has selected range from very sheer, to like a tie-dye affect which is something different and hot for this coming season in Couture wear!!  In speaking with her family Designer Sushma Patel is coming out with her own line of jewelry soon and, if it is anything like what we are seeing in her runway show, let me tell you it is going to be spectacular!!  Her shoe selection is just as beautiful, and this coming from a shoeaholic!!  I have to say this is a great start to Couture Fashion Week and its my great pleasure in letting you see more form this amazing Designer!!

This is really a very large collection that she has produced and each look is very different from the other but, its a very cohesive line and has a such a great theme to it!  I have been really amazed at the workmanship, small details and how Sushma has taken the time to take us all on such a journey!!  This collection was so large that we are going to have to put all of the photos up on our Facebook page located at (LaPaz Image/Event Consultants), I would like to introduce you to the Mastermind of this collection Sushma Patel!

In speaking with Designer Sushma Patel, Lapazimageing Fashion Forward will be doing an interview with this amazing Designer in the near future so you all stick around for that cause it is going to be something you won’t want to miss!!

Oh, my blood is just pumping from this collection and I’m looking so forward to seeing Designer Kostas Outerwear (Greece/US).  Don’t go anywhere cause you don’t want to miss any of the action!!

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Article by: S. LaRae- Style/Fashion Reporter

Photographer: D. Robinson for LaPaz Image/Event Consultants

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