Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Alaric Flower Design (Floral Concept Dresses)

The show is starting and this cute singer comes out Era Chorna, this singer is really amazing and has great vocals and channeling her inner ballerina (AKA) Black Swan!! Loving her so much!

The Designers logo comes up on the LCD screen and the first look comes out on the runway and

its just breathtaking because its a dress made out of flowers! They are Purple Perennials and they have delicate little crystals in the middle that catch the light just perfectly!! This just innovative and if you can see how Era is walking and singing this song you would feel the romantic air of this collection!! I have got to let you see this dress its just simply beautiful!!

Who really thinks of something like this? I mean it is so unique and beautiful and the models are doing this slow and exaggerated walk that really makes you take notice of the garment and the flowers, then this little dress comes out that has like yellow Barberry flowers on the skirt part of the dress and its just so sweet!

The last look is the element of the bridal gown and its beautiful white roses and it is just breathtaking!! I love everything that this Designer has conceptualized for this runway collection and it is just something different and very out-of-the box and fresh and alluring to anyone that loves Fashion!! I’ve seen where Designers have done small effects with flowers but, this is really taking it to whole other level!!

I love, love this collection these two Designers are such an awesome partnership adding such class and passion to the runway!!  Great!!

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