Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC – House of Jola!

The next Designer is about to show and the music is amazing because it speaks of positivity for Nigeria and empowerment LOVING it!! Then the Designers Logo comes up on the LCD screen and I find myself now sitting on the end of my chair.


That is when my notebook just hit the floor!! The first look is this really beautiful Pink dress that stops just at the knee and is very form fitting and gorgeous!! The hem line has this like ruffling and how the ruffles are gathered makes it look like a flower!! HOT, if I may say so and then, the next little dress comes out and its too cute because it has a front pleat and hidden pockets and the fabric is just perfect and flirty for this kind of a dress!!  I’m taking that you all want to see this now?  Okay here is your first look at the House of Jola!

I’m loving this collection because its so different from the first Designer and she is giving like the cold shoulder dresses with the full-cape sleeve and then the jewel tones are beautiful.  I also like how the guy’s really look like guys and the jeans aren’t too tight and the fabric for the shirts just look amazing on them.  Its the small details of this collection that bring you into it and the shoes that have a heel of a tennis ball is just great!!  I like how the ties on the dresses fall right across the hip line and rest just so on the rear not taking away or bringing to much attention to maybe a problem area!!  This collection gets our Golden Stiletto Award!!

I know you need to take a few breaths right about now but no time for that because Berrys Couture is about to hit the runway another Designer that is apart of the Focus Nigeria group!!

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Article by: S. LaRae- Style/Fashion Reporter

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