Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 3- Third Runway Show of Our Schedule- Vivienne Tam

We are live at the Vivienne Tam show and I have to say I’m a fan, a major F.A.N of this Designer. Why? Because she always stays so true to herself and her collection, its always just cohesive and draws you in.  I don’t care if this show start 30-40 or 50min late I’m staying right here for this!!  The show is about to start and you can feel the energy in this room,people are buzzing and cameras are poised and ready to shoot the first look and then this single light highlights the first model and its just as I was hoping just beautiful!

What I love so much about this collection is that its very simplistic, very playful and has somewhat of an unspoken sex appeal to it. The small details that she gave to the fabric is wonderful and I like how she has the oversized LCD screen where you really can appreciate all of the looks coming down the runway! Vivienne Tam has really knocked this one out of the Lincoln Center!!

SHUT UP!! I thought she gave us everything and she just killed us with this amazing White Coat with such detailing, I’m so adding this to my collection its a must have!! This collection melted just like butter, great balance, excellent concepts and bringing to life she has KILLED it!! 

What else can we say other than we would like to give you Vivienne Tam and also the Wonder Girls was backstage with Ms. Tam!!

Hey I just could not leave you without give you a few more bonus looks at this collection that is how great she is!!  We are off to our next show stay close because its Alexander Wang!!

I know FABULOUS Right?!! I just cannot stop gushing over this collection!! Its so sad to be such a Fanatic.. LOL!!


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