Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 5- Fifth Runway Show on Our Schedule- Monique Lhullier

Sitting here right now I feel like a child let loose at a candy store and everything I want!!  I’m really looking forward to Monique Lhullier’s collection because I’m such a major fan of her wedding gowns!  I have to say out of the hundreds of brides that I have dressed I think 1/2, I have put into a Lhullier gown!!  We was told by you all that you wanted to know who is sitting on the front row of the shows so let me see, Brittany Snow, Ms. Jay (looking a hot mess) I’m so sorry Ms. Jay but, your not doing H2T, Alexandra Richards, Julia Stiles wearing a lovely plum colored dress!

Its almost 3:30 and there are still a lot of empty seats so you know we won’t see the first look until quarter till four. Okay they are starting to remove the tape from the runway and the lights have gone down.. Music is cool makes you think of that commercial where they had the silhouettes for the Jewelry DeBeers great sound!! First look out is a beautiful sleek and form fitting dress (like snakes skin), and the hair is in a classic chignon not straying to far from her wedding roots!! Love the makeup such drama!!

You can see everyone just waiting for the next look and I tell you she delivers Leopard prints, textured stockings, sparkles of sequin and much more this line is so elegant and very much so draping the curves and shapes of a woman!  I think this collection will be Oscar bound just as a few others we have seen here at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!! I love everything that has come out thus far and I don’t see me saying anything different than BRILLIEANT!!


BRAVA!!! Monique Lhullier for such an amazing, cohesive, spectacular collection!! Energy is flowing through me that I can barely take it!! Love IT!! Don’t go anywhere because we are heading to our last show of the evening and its Betsey Johnson!!


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