Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 4- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!!

Up early trying to pull it together, as Fashion Week progresses our nights get longer and longer.. Not only do we have the shows to attend we also have to edit, write and get articles posted for you all and then off and running again!! Well, I’ve just decided that today I’m wearing my Black DKNY Flair legged Trousers, Black GAP Turtleneck, Grey Duster by Vera Wang, Black patent leather shoes by Steve Madden, Grey and Black XOXO pocket book, Multi-colored scarf by “The Vintage Scarf” and killer sunglasses by Tommy Hilfiger:

Day 4 of Mercedes Benz Fashion week is going to be great because we are going to be attending some of the TOP runway shows.  This is what the schedule for today looks like:

10:00am- Derek Lam (So looking forward to this)

10:30am- Timo Weiland (first time attending)

11:30am- Preen (first time attending)

3:00pm- Max Azria (So Excited love him)

4:00pm- Diane Von Furstenberg (Love)

6:00pm- Custo Barcelona (First time attending)

8:00pm- Tommy Hilfiger (LOVE HIM)

We are off and running we have divided the schedule again and we will somewhere try and meet up again.  I’m here at the Derek Lam show and I’m just so excited to see what he is going to offer us for this season!! He is always so in front of the game and ready to just wow you with his inspirations and detailing in his lines!!  Okay its show time and the music comes on and it kind of gives you the feeling that you are hustling about the city kind of “Westside Story-ish” if that is such a word.  I Love the first look that comes out the blue jacket and navy skirt so very smart and business savvy!  I know this collection is going to be amazing!!  Here is the first look:

RIGHT, this is such a hot look and wait there is even more!!  He is giving us these great flair legged paints, cute wool like coat/dresses, black and reds and such fabulous pocketbooks!!  ANNA WINTOUR!! Spotted Front row left hand side!! Anyway back to the fashions, the shoes he has selected for this collection is spot on and just a wonderful compliment.  Its so metropolitan and very chic!!

I love the change in the music how it went from hustling and bustling to now somewhat of flowing, low and behold such amazing gowns come out on the run way! Derek Lam is truly amazing and so giving us looks that are truly wearable and very classic and clean!  I must show you the gowns:

The music changes once again and he gives us even more to be WOWED over and he isn’t ashamed to say his is doing it BIG!! This collection is truly something to die for and to celebrate over:

I thought everyone was buzzing before the show started you should really hear them now!! This runway show has made Day 4 of Fashion Week kick-off in a major way!!

Next stop Timo Weiland, looking forward to seeing what is going to be presented!  See you all soon don’t go anywhere you won’t want to miss a second!!

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