Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3- Couture Fashion Week Sieges NYC- Change in Designers!!

Okay we just got a major announcement that, Designer Lourdes Libman will not be showing today, she was involved in a car accident!  This was such disturbing news and everyone in the Grand Ballroom just gasped and gave warm wishes!! Each of the Photographers and Journalist we all had the same felling of just wanting her to be okay and that we hoped it wasn’t anything major..  We are then told that Designer Autumnlin Atelier was going to be showing in Ms. Libman place..

Now look, this is where I feel I need to almost place a Disclaimer for this Designer.. I don’t know if I should say, I had the pleasure of seeing her collection in Philadelphia or the Displeasure of seeing her collection. I will let you all be the judge of this one and the funny thing is they have Singer Christine Reber opening and there isn’t anything light and airy to this collection.. Okay Fabs, sit back and wait till you see what is coming your way!!

We are presented with this very dramatic kind of hard core music and then on the LCD screen the Designers Logo comes up and when I see it, it makes me feel like oh what are we in for now:

Then this image comes onto the stage and its Model Proverb, kind of walking like a zombie and looking very dark and ominous, the creep factor really hit the runway in a major way. I mean he (this model) has the most beautiful green eyes that are so dreamy but, not this time around they have very dark eyeliner under his eyes, he’s giving this hardcore look on his face and its just so not inviting! Then let me tell you about the clothing, the pants he’s wearing are like laced up from in between his legs from his ankles to his knees, which in turn is the reason for the Zombie like walk… Can you just say extreme times ten!! 

Right at this point I closed my notebook and capped my pin, because what notes do I need on Gothic Creepiness?  I don’t know, I feel like the more this collection came out on the runway and the extreme makeup, hair and sound of the music, I was like where did you see within the full week of Couture Fashion that this sort of thing fit in.. For me I didn’t get the direction nor where the concepts very unrealistic and not very wearable.. Lady Gaga would have loved this Designer because, the element of weird and dark she landed hands down.. I don’t want to even spend much of my time on this particular article so I’m going to let you all see the collection draw your own opinions and move on from here!!

Well, I’m glad that is over and we have a slight intermission until our last show of this amazing Fashion Week.  I have to laugh because there are two young bloggers, that are seated behind me and now the show is closed out and they where like “”OMG, that was rather dark and I feel scared”.. I know exactly how they feel but, you know I must clear my mind so I’m going to step out for just a moment and we will be right back with Designer Edward Arsouni’s runway show!!

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