Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 3- Finale Show for Our Schedule- Altuzarra

We are here at the finale show for our 3rd day and it is Altuzarra.  This is my first time coming to his show so I don’t really know what to expect.  I’m poised and ready its suppose to start at 8:00pm but, we know 8:30 is the magic time.. Nope he proved me wrong 8:50 is the time we are starting to see the first look.  Okay so the collection consist of super sheer blouses, very puffy coats (which kind of made them look a little heavy), now how odd does that sound… LOL! I think this collection is kind of all over the place, it has major highs and some major lows.. Here’s a look for you:

Okay now I see something that I’m loving this fur coat is just beautiful and so well crafted, I love it!! and the following few looks are also very nice.  Like I said there is something a little off even with how the argyle sweaters are like them but, its just slightly off.  The hair is somewhat harsh and very slicked down and so is the makeup so it give it a very hard kind of edge:

One thing I can honestly say is this Designer is very innovative, and he really is thinking outside of the box but, maybe just a little to far for our taste.  We would like to give you Designer Altuzarra:

Well our Fabulous Fashionistas and Fashionistos, it seems like I’m leaving another show just not very sure if I give it a good mark or just a question mark, but hey, that is why its fashion, there is something great for all taste and styles and this is why we do what we do!!  Had another great day of Fashion really looking forward to tomorrow and we hope that you all have a Fabulous night and always make it stylish!

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Article by: M. DeGaines

Photographer: L. Mitchell for LaPaz Image/Event Consultants

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