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The Effects of After Affects Natural Skin Care Solutions Plus MORE!

Everyone now a days are looking for things that are healthy and will help them to maintain their skins natural glow, elasticity and just make them look younger or help them maintain their sexy.  Well we went on a quest to find products that really would do this, and that aren’t just trendy or filled with harmful chemicals and alcohols that dries your skin out.. We wanted to see if we could locate something that was good for your skin and would help in maintaining your skins natural healthy appearance and guess what! We accomplished our mission with “After Affects Natural Skin Care Solutions”!  From the moment we started the interview and learned more about the products and then we had our Test team try them out and the feedback was AMAZING!!  We just knew right then and there we had to let you in on this secret, and the Owner and Founder of After Affects Natural Skin Care Solutions, Ms. C. Dawn Farrow granted us full access to her company and the products!! Logo After Affects skin care

LFF: Hi C. Dawn tell us a little bit of what drove you to develop these products

CDF: Well, it really started from my own family and with my youngest son being so dry and needing something to nourish his skin.  I began trying several different products that would look like they may help and in the long run they would dry and a few minuets later his skin would still need something else to help in moisturizing and nourishing it.

LFF: Wow, so how did you start to develop the products and what was the first thing that you produced?

CDF:  I really started educating myself on how natural products are produced and not saying natural but really have harmful detergent or dyes in them.  I had to learn more about the natural butters and oils that nourished and hydrated the skin then just being topical (sitting on top of the skin but not really penetrating) and then your clothing absorbs the “benefits”.  I produced a Body oil that was of vegetable and fruit oils and that had natural proteins for the skin.

LFF: How long of a process did this take for you to get the right balance and formula?

CDF: It took some time to really get the mixtures correct and balanced.

LFF: Tell us why is your product After Affects Natural Skin Care Solutions better than per-say the natural products that we can purchase in the local drug stores?

CDF: Honestly, its because they are just that “Natural” and may times these major name brand companies clam that the products are “natural” and when you really read the labels you will see that they contain some sort of synthetic or petroleum based ingredient.  AANSCS, are just as we state they are real, natural have full-extract from the butters produced from fruits and veggies and even plant extracts, they are healthy for your skin and they won’t dry your skin out.

LFF: Do you have any skin care products that maybe for someone who cannot take fragrances?

CDF: Yes we offer Fragrance Free and no hidden fragrances that may cause allergic reactions.

LFF: I have to tell you, we love the packaging of your products did you come up with the concept? (Great time to introduce you to the products)

CDF: Believe it or not I came up with everything and produced each and every aspect of the labeling and packages.

LFF: What are some of the products that you offer?

CDF: We offer: Anti-ageing products, Body-butters, Facial butters, Body-scrubs, Foot-scrubs, soaps and much more.

LFF: Where can our readers find your products?

CDF: They can visit our website located at as well as we are located on Facebook and Twitter.

LFF: What is the price range of the products?

CDF: They range from $8.00 to $90.00

LFF: What is the one thing you want to impart to our readers or to those that use After Affects Natural Skin Care Solutions?

CDF: That we are dedicated to bringing natural products that are made in mind of keeping everyone’s skin healthy and not giving products that don’t live up to the “natural” and authentic elements.

In speaking with C. Dawn Farrow you could really feel her passion and love of the products and that she is dedicated to bringing quality products to us.  C. Dawn Farrow was very gracious to us by, allowing Lapazimageing Fashion Forward to offer TWO (2) of our fortunate readers a chance to win a gift set from After Affects Skin Care Solutions!!


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