Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 7 (J Mendel)

We’re here on our last day of Fashion Week and just look back on all of the shows we took in and covered we have had another, amazing season. Its the first time for us to cover this particular Designer, and we are looking forward to seeing what is going to be presented to us today.

Yeah its about that time for all of us here to see what J.Mendel is going to offer us! The lights dim and the music comes up, then the first look at this collection!  This cute little black and white dress came onto the runway I like this, its a little simplistic and the color blocking is done well it isn’t like we haven’t seen it done like this before.  The next look hits the runway and it just looks like he took fabric and showed them together the silhouette isn’t flattering and the blocking isn’t even let me show you:

JM5 JM1 JM2 JM3I don’t really like the fit of the collection and the shoes don’t look good with the garments so in turn it doesn’t finish off the look the hair and makeup is just as bland. Wait I think we’re seeing some new looks and they are very nice they more of what we have been seeing all week we’re going to give you another look and introduce you to Designer J. Mendel:

J Mendel

JM34 JM35 JM36 JM37 JM24 JM27 JM28 JM29For us this collection was different and I didn’t see where it was overly cohesive. I’m happy we had this opportunity to bring you another fabulous Fashion Week, and we hope to see you all again in February and if you would like to see our coverage of Anna Sui’s collection make sure you “Like” our Facebook page located at Take care and we’re happy to have you,


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